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What is the fastest you managed to buy a new console after release?

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I wasn't trying to get any of them fast. Newly released consoles were always out of my budget, but even if I could I'd not buy one until there are enough exclusive titles for it that are interesting to me.

Probably the "closest" was when I purchased the PS4 Pro, about 13 months after its release. If that even counts, as that was just a refresh not a new generation.

I doubt I'll get a PS5 within the next 12 months, regardless of availability.

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I managed to get a Switch on launch day. I went to the only electronics store in my small town about 15 minutes before they opened, and there was only one other guy already waiting there. After a few minutes a few other people showed up, but me and the other guy that was there before me each got one of the two neon colored Switches they had in stock. 

A had also preordered an Xbox One before they came out, but it ended up getting delayed almost a full year in my country, so about 4-5 months after it was originally supposed to come out I just cancelled my preorder and bought a PS4 instead. 

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On 1/30/2021 at 10:06 PM, StaceyPowers said:

It’s now been almost three months since PS5 came out, and I am guessing another three before I have a glimmer of hope to get one. It made me curious, what is the quickest anyone here has ever managed to snag a new console right after it was released?

For all the Playstation console from PS1 to PS4 that I have purchased, I have never been in a rush to them once they are released. 

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