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The Blackangel

Tournament of cheaters?

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The topic of whether cheaters should be banned got me thinking. What about making a tournament where the object is to cheat but not be caught in doing it? Whoever lasts the longest without their cheat being caught, wins. I would be interested in that. For example, I cheat at Monopoly like crazy. I think it's funny when I get caught. If I'm caught I put back the money or whatever I stole, and go on with the game. If I'm not caught I keep whatever I did.

But I'm wondering if such a tournament even could exist. I highly doubt eSports would sanction it. But it could still be fun.


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I'd welcome that. I think it'd be funny to see cheaters pitted against each other. What would be even better, is if these cheaters didn't know they were caught, and all the cheaters were invited to take part thinking they were chosen because of skill or some reason. And then when someone wins, they will be announced "The Biggest Cheater" or something. And then it's revealed that everyone in the event were reported as cheaters. 

Also they don't win any money or anything, but get a gift card to the game shops they're now going to be banned from using. 😄 

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Sure thing! I mean, that will hopefully teach them that cheating ain't a funny thing to do at all, and pissing people off and ruining their moods ain't funny as well, the reward should be a big pannel with "Was it worth it" written on it to make them feel what kind of losers they are !

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