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The most hilarious cutscenes

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I love it when a game has their cutscenes and somehow the NPCs are still walking around like nothing is happening. I also love it when character models go crazy and get stuck on geometry during a cutscene. 

I can't think of anything recent, aside from Cyberpunk 2077 glitches. One mission a dude gave me his gun, and he took it out of his head. I thought that was kind of funny! 😄 

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In RDR2 I have seen people sit down in midair (and other forms of levitation), get hay bales stuck to the outside of their hands, walk through closed doors, play air-banjo, ride their horse upside down, go flying across the screen, and even hold their gun backwards to fire it. Surprisingly, the gun thing actually works and they kill their intended target.

I love these kind of glitches.


Feast your eyes upon the amazing Uncle, playing his all new air-banjo!


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Wolfenstein: The New Order had great cutscenes, they had some great tension to them, and BJ's whispering voice has just the right amount of menace behind it. It sets the whole game up with this feeling that you are fighting back against the machine that is the Nazi Empire.

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