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Dishonored in 2021, a review

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12 hours ago, Reality vs Adventure said:

I've always wondered about those games. I played the beginning part of the first Dishonored and the gameplay just seemed awkward to me. I thought maybe eventually giving the second a chance, but it doesn't sound impressive. 

Not that impressive is about right. I liked it, just didn't love it.

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Thanks for sharing your reviews. I played the first game and loved it. I recommend a second playthrough, and just mess around and do fun creative kills. There are some fun things you can do in this game when you upgrade your skills enough. 

One thing I also liked about it, was that you could finish both games without killing anyone. There were other options you could do to complete the mission. I remember one mission you could set your target up to be taken away or arrested or whatever. I forget how it goes, but that was the only mission from the first game where I didn't kill the target. I think I killed everyone after that (targets I mean). I tried to not kill everyone though. But you could get pretty creative with the kills, especially when you unlock more skills. 

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