Game-Changing Fortnite Features Are Coming Soon

Fortnite players are convinced that Chapter 3 will start after Season 8. The last few weeks have brought us numerous clues, hints, and leaks that suggest this, but the latest update has almost confirmed it. Epic Games has added some interesting files to the game data that reveal the start of the new chapter.

Besides the game data, the game developer has posted some hints about new Fortnite mechanics coming soon. Furthermore, we might get a new Tilted Towers-like landmark on the map. These new things will most likely come in Chapter 3, or more specifically, in December 2021!

New Fortnite mechanics and the map changes in Chapter 3

Fortnite’s official Twitter account for competitive news has posted an interesting tweet on Tuesday, November 16. This tweet came a few hours after the v18.40 update and Epic Games has teased new Fortnite mechanics with it. While this tweet was about the Grand Royale Community Cup, many players noticed some interesting hints in it.

New Fortnite mechanics have been teased by Epic Games.
New Fortnite mechanics have been teased by Epic Games.

Immediately after the tweet was released, players pointed out at several new things teased by Epic. SypherPK, one of the most popular Fortnite streamers, has tweeted about the POI/landmark in the background and the sliding animation. The landmark looks like Tilted Towers, which once again fuels theories that it will return at some point.

The sliding animation was leaked over a month ago, but it hasn’t been added to the game yet. Epic Games has been working on the new Fortnite movement mechanic for a while now and we might get it in Chapter 3. Players will be able to slide and use their weapons, which will completely change the way the game is played.

Dual wielding and shoulder swap

NickEh30 has pointed out the shoulder swap mechanic that could be added to Fortnite. As the image shows, the characters hold guns in different hands. At the moment, there is no shoulder swap option, which is why peeking from the wrong side can be fatal.

Shoulder swap could be added to Fortnite very soon.
Shoulder swap could be added to Fortnite very soon.

Finally, the dual wielding mechanic might be released with Chapter 3. The character in the middle is shooting a pistol with one hand and holding a grenade in the other one.

It seems there are many new things waiting for Fortnite players in the new chapter! Just like Chapter 2, Chapter 3 might completely change the way players play the game.