10 Games Like Wordle to Play in 2022

If you have been playing mobile games any time this year, you no doubt have become acquainted with Wordle. With this simple game, you have six tries to guess a five-letter word. As you guess, color coding is used to tell you if you got letters correct and in the right position, correct and in the wrong position, or incorrect. You get just one puzzle a day. If you have been looking for some Wordle alternatives to try, you are in the right place. We are going to introduce you to 10 more games like Wordle to check out.

Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle invented Wordle, releasing it in October 2021. He was able to sell it in January 2022 to the New York Times for seven figures. The code-breaking game Mastermind inspired his design of Wordle. The games Jotto, Lingo and Bulls and Cows are also similar. The hacking mini-game in the Fallout series is quite like Wordle too.

Games Like Wordle, Best Wordle Alternatives and Clones

If you love Wordle, but you are looking for something a little different to try, you may enjoy the following games. Here are the 10 best games like Wordle to play in 2022.

1. Quordle

This game is a simple variant on Wordle. Instead of getting six attempts to try and figure out one word, you get to try nine times to identify four words with Quordle. Part of the challenge with this game is remembering to focus on all four words simultaneously, since the nine guesses are for all of them collectively.

2. Nerdle

The game Nerdle is also a simple variation on Wordle. The difference is that rather than attempting to guess a daily word, you are trying to guess a daily calculation. The fact that math is involved adds a layer of additional context that can help you guess the answer correctly.

3. Dordle

If you are looking for more challenge than Wordle presents, but Quordle is a bit much for you, Dordle might be just right. In this variation on Wordle, you need to guess two words in seven attempts.

4. Heardle

Do you have a musical ear? An exciting daily challenge called Heardle gives you a chance to put your knowledge to the test. Once a day, you receive one second of a song’s introduction. You then have to try and identify it in six guesses. Failed guesses result in additional seconds so you have more context for your next guesses.

5. Globle

Geography buffs will want to turn their attention to Globle, the daily geography puzzle. Each day, there is a mystery country. You then need to try and guess what it is. As you do, color coding will tell you how close or far to the mystery country the country you guessed is located.

6. Waffle

If you want something a bit different from the games above but still in the same general area, Waffle may delight you. The daily word game Waffle gives you words in a jumbled form. You then have to try and figure out what they are. Do not make the mistake of assuming that just because you already have all the right letters at the start that this game is easy. It can be quite a challenge.

7. Framed

The daily game Framed has you trying to identify a film based on a few frames. You get one frame to start, and then a new one each time you guess incorrectly. While that may sound easy, keep in mind that frames can sometimes be quite nondescript.

8. Crosswordle

As weird as it may sound, you can play Wordle backwards. The Crosswordle game presents you with a correct word, and then a grid with colored squares you need to complete with incorrect words. As you can imagine, this can actually be very difficult to do.

9. Octordle

You guessed it—Octordle is the daily word puzzle based on Wordle that requires you to guess eight five-letter words. You get 13 tries in which to accomplish this feat.

10. Squabble

Every game needs a multiplayer mode these days, right? The game Squabble allows you to play a Wordle-like game against other people. You have “health” which you can lose with incorrect guesses and gain with correct guesses. If you lose all your health, you are out of the match. Whoever stays in the longest is the winner.

Now you know the best games like Wordle which you can play for free! These are just a few examples; if you search around, you can find plenty more free Wordle alternatives. Between all of these games, you should have plenty to keep you busy each day as you wait for tomorrow’s new puzzles. Good luck, and have fun!