Gaming at CES: The Biggest Video Game Surprises We Saw

CES, also known as the Consumer Electronics Show, puts breakthrough electronics on the stage every year. You can expect to find upcoming and brand-new technologies, such as the Tesla Arcade, on display for gamers and tech connoisseurs alike. 2022’s CES has just wrapped up, and it brought plenty of new technology to obsess over.

The Best Equipment Announced at CES

To game well, you have to have the right equipment. This year’s CES failed to disappoint with its equipment announcements. Some of these are revolutionary, like Nvidia’s stellar $249 GPU, and others promise to level up your gaming experience.

1. Asus’s Quad-Band Wi-Fi 6E Gaming Router

Asus’s new gaming router is a promising device that could prepare your home Internet for any sort of gaming. It boasts a 2.4GHz band, two 5GHz bands and a 6GHz band. Higher Internet speeds mean that you’re less likely to have your gaming interrupted by a slow or missing connection, so this spider-like router could be perfect for a gaming family.

2. Samsung’s Gaming Hub

This gaming hub is an all-in-one console that allows you to pull games from any of your cloud or local libraries. Right now, you can browse titles from Google Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, but Samsung plans to integrate PlayStation and Xbox games in the future. Sony sells well and impressively, with over 5 million PS VR units sold in 2019, so bringing PlayStation games to Samsung’s Gaming Hub will likely attract many new players.

3. Gigabyte Aorus 17 Gaming Ultrabook

This computer boasts an impressive Intel’s 12th-gen core i7-12700H processor, and its screen supports a 360Hz refresh rate output. It’s a remarkable computer for an exceptional gamer who’s always looking for the latest and greatest.

4. Picoo’s Screenless Gaming Console

This one’s for the kids and the parents who worry about screentime. This console is screenless — instead, it encourages kids to play outside. It’s similar to a PlayStation Move controller or a Poke Ball Plus in that sounds and haptics clue the player in on what’s happening in the game. It’s perfect for kids who need to spend more time outside but aren’t keen on entirely using their imaginations.

5. Alienware’s Concept Nyx

Many gamers stream these days, and Alienware’s Concept Nyx can help. It offers a game streaming server — meaning that you can play a game in your home and have it broadcast to several televisions. Nyx allows two or more people to stream games simultaneously and separately. The basics of being a streamer call for being prepared for everything — and remembering to test your equipment beforehand! Whether you choose to stream online or throughout your house, this equipment makes it easier.

The Best Gear Announced at CES

While gamers might need the right PC with the right specs, they also need the right gear. Gear, unlike equipment, is optional — and you may find that it applies in some places or games and not in others. While it may not be core to the gaming experience, it can undoubtedly enhance your playthroughs.

1. Homey Bridge 2022

The Homey Bridge is a smart home hub that pools over 50,000 smart home appliances. It’s a great hub to hook all of your gaming tech together, and it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and several other connections.

2. HTC Vive VR Headset

The update to this headset, the Vive Focus 3, includes a wrist tracker for your gaming session. This fitness tracker monitors your hand’s motion and position, which can help you ensure you’re holding things correctly in virtual reality.

3. HyperX’s Gaming Headset

The impressive thing about this headset is that it boasts a new 300-hour battery life. As such, they won’t be cheap, but the quality of these headphones makes up for every penny you’ll spend.

4. Fossil’s Razer Watches

While not strictly related to a game, these Razer watches are a great way to rep your favorite hobby while enjoying all the benefits of a smartwatch. It’s identical to the original Fossil 6 Smartwatch, except for the three new Razer-themed faces.

5. Razer’s Enki Pro HyperSense Chair

Razer is known for its high-quality products. The HyperSense Chair is the perfect gaming chair for anyone who wants to feel like they’re in the game. This chair can vibrate and respond to stimuli in the game you’re playing by moving you around. It supports over 2,200 titles at the time of writing.

The Tesla Arcade

The Tesla Arcade is a new feature of many newer models of Tesla cars. With a touchscreen console inside the vehicle, users can play all sorts of arcade games. It offers reliable Internet access and can even connect to Google’s Stadia gaming service through the cloud. Though it may not support newer or more complex games yet, the Tesla Arcade offers graphics similar to the PS5, which is so famous that its logo is never likely to change anytime soon.

The Tesla Arcade may be perfect for occupying passengers, but it could also give drivers something to do while their car is on self-driving mode. Tesla’s self-driving mode encaptures automatic steering, automatic lane observation and many more features to keep its drivers safe. It could give a driver the perfect opportunity to relax after a long journey.

Stay Glued to Tomorrow’s Tech

Technology promises to be even more fulfilling down the road. Each of these items can help enhance your gaming experience, from a brand-new headset to the Tesla Arcade, so keep your eyes on them as more information about them releases this year. Without a doubt, it’s going to be an excellent year for gaming.