Gear 5 Multiplayer Technical Test Coming To Xbox One And PC On July 19

Microsoft and The Coalition have announced the start dates for Gear 5’s first playable technical test. This inaugural test will focus on competitive multiplayer and will be playable on both Xbox One and PC. If you meet the test’s participation criteria, you’ll be able to download and play it later this month.

Gears 5 Versus Multiplayer Technical Test Dates

Gear 5 Versus Multiplayer technical test

The Coalition shared the Gear 5 technical test details via this recent post on the Xbox Wire. According to the post, this first test will focus specifically on competitive Versus Multiplayer playlists. Participants will get to sample four different competitive experiences as part of the technical test:

  • Arcade – What The Coalition is calling “a new and approachable multiplayer gametype.”
  • Escalation – An updated competitive experience
  • King of the Hill – A classic Gears versus mode in which teams vie for control of specific map points.
  • Bootcamp – A training mode meant for newer and/or less-experiences Gears players.

The technical test will be made available for download starting on July 17. Then, those who downloaded the test will be able to play during two specific timeframes. The first timeframe runs from July 19 to July 21, and the second from July 26 to July 29. One thing to note is that the Versus technical test isn’t open to everyone. Only those with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription or those who pre-ordered Gears 5 can participate. If you’re playing on Xbox One, you’ll also need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Those who participate in the technical test can also unlock a few exclusive rewards. There will be a series of ‘Tour of Duty’ challenges spread across both testing sessions. Players who complete all Tour of Duty challenges will unlock a special cosmetic profile banner for the full Gear 5 game. A series of additional challenges will also allow players to unlock three unique weapon skins.

Lastly, those playing on PC should consult the above Xbox Wire post for the technical test’s minimum/recommended PC specs. Gear 5 will launch in full later this year on September 10. For more on Gear 5, be sure to read about the “riskier” approach The Coalition is taking.