Gears of War 4: The Achievement Contest Is Over

The Coalition have always had excellent ideas when it comes to their most popular franchise, Gears of War. After letting you work your imagination to think and create your very own achievements in Gears of War 4, the Achievement Contest is now officially over. The Coalition is currently reviewing your comments, and they will release the new achievements soon in the game so that you can try them out.

A few days ago, The Coalition had announced something exciting. Players would be able to create the next achievements that will enter Gears of War 4. The game already has a vast list of achievements, but The Coalition did not want to stop there. They will add 500 more, only this time they will all be players’ ideas. The Coalition officially announced the end of the contest through the official Gears of War Twitter account.

“The Gears 4 Design an Achievement Contest is over. Thank you for all your excellent submissions! We are no locking ourselves into the Control Room to go through your suggestions and select your best ideas. Please stay tuned for more!”

Your suggestions have been submitted, and The Coalition is currently reviewing all of your ideas. It will not be long until your achievements manage to make it to Gears of War 4. It seems that the Gears of War community had been very created with this concept, so if you are one of the submitters, you might get to play your very own achievement in-game.

Additionally, it will definitely be interesting to see what the players came up with during this contest. Gears of War 4 already includes a total of 149 achievements. It must have been difficult to think of something new to add to the game. However, judging by the success the Achievement Contest had, maybe it was not that difficult after all. Let’s hope that your ideas are more impressive than the achievements that already exist in the game. It will not be long until they are officially released, so stay tuned so that you can be the first ones to accomplish the fans’ achievements.