Gears of War 4: Your Achievements Will Be Released Soon

Last month, we informed you about an exciting event going on in Gears of War 4 regarding the final achievements the Coalition are bringing to the game. After your ideas were submitted, we were all waiting expectantly for this time to come. It seems that the time is almost here. The Coalition teased some of the upcoming final 500 achievements that were all entirely your ideas. It will not be long until all of them are live in-game for you to complete them.

The Coalition just made an epic tease regarding the final achievements of Gears of War 4. They also revealed some of them that might or might not make it to the last block of 500 Gamerscore. Four of them are secret achievements, while some of the others are below in case you want to check out what they are all about:

  • Go home and say hi to Mom
  • In Public Versus, kill an opponent holding a power weapon and claim it for yourself five times
  • In any mode, kill an enemy with dripping flames from an Incendiary Grenade
  • In Public Versus, kill 100 opponents with active reload rounds

They also revealed that The Coalition would create two of them.

Additionally, the company announced the comeback of a fan-favorite map. We are talking about the ‘Boxes’ map. The map will be available for both private and public matches for free. It will also bring with it a new 2v2 Gnasher Execution game mode. That mode will be playable on any map, but it will be the best if it is played on the ‘Boxes’ map. You can have a look at the new map on the video below:

The ‘Boxes’ map will arrive this fall. However, we have no information regarding the release date of the achievements. Stay tuned to be the first to know.