Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Guide: Deluxe, Collector & Special Editions

At long last, the Ghost of Tsushima release date has been revealed, and along with it, Sony has today revealed three new pre-order bundles for the upcoming game. In addition to ordering the standard game, fans have the choice between the Digital Deluxe, Special, and Collector’s Editions. Here’s everything you need to know to make up your mind as to which of these three bundles is your best option.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Bonus Content

Before we get started on the bundles, it’s worth noting that there’s a bit of content available as extra on all pre-orders of Ghost of Tsushima. Regardless of which edition of the game you pre-order, whether it’s just the base game or the Collector’s Edition, you’ll get this Pre-Order Bonus Content too. It includes a digital “mini-soundtrack” which features several tracks from the game, a Jin PS4 dynamic theme based on the game’s box art, and a Jin avatar. So long as you pre-order, you’ll get this extra content on top of everything else.

Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe Edition

The first option above the standard game is only available as a digital pre-order via the PlayStation Store. The Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe Edition is Sony’s incentive to get players to download rather than buy a physical copy of the game. This version is available to pre-order for $69.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital version of Ghost of Tsushima, of course, together with a bundle of extra content. Most notably, you’ll get the Hero of Tsushima cosmetic set. This includes a golden mask, body armour, sword kit, horse, and saddle, all of which will be available for you to equip in-game.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Guide Digital Deluxe Edition

In addition to that set, you’ll also get two additional in-game items. The first of these is a single extra Technique Point. According to Sony, this is something which you’ll normally unlock by story progression. It seems likely that this is some sort of skill currency which players will use to unlock new abilities. The second item is something called the Charm of Hachiman’s Favour. (Sony hasn’t revealed what this is, but it will presumably be apparent at launch.) Finally, the Ghost of Tsushima Digital Deluxe Edition includes a digital mini art book by Dark Horse, a Samurai PS4 dynamic theme, and the game’s Director’s Commentary.

Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition

If you want to get a physical copy of the game, rather than a digital version, then there are two options available over the standard version of the game. The first of these is the Ghost of Tsushima Special Edition. This version is available for the same price as the Digital Deluxe Edition; $69.99. In fact, you’ll notice that it’s extremely similar to the Digital Deluxe Edition. Altogether, the Special edition includes a physical copy of the game in a SteelBook case, along with a voucher.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Guide Special Edition

This voucher can be used to redeem most of the same bonus content as that which comes with the Digital Deluxe Edition. All told, you’ll get the bonus Technique Point, the Charm of Hachiman’s Favour, digital mini art book, and Director’s Commentary. The only key difference is that you won’t get the full Hero of Tsushima cosmetic set. Instead, you’ll only get the golden mask and sword set. You won’t get the body armour, horse, or saddle. Note that you also won’t get the Samurai PS4 dynamic theme.

Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition

The most expensive version of the game which is currently available is, of course, the Ghost of Tsushima Collector’s Edition. Like the Special Edition, this version of the game is only available as a physical product. You can pre-order it for a grand total of $169.99. As you might imagine, this version comes with a lot of extras, both in terms of digital content and physical items. First of all, the Collector’s Edition includes a physical copy of the game in a SteelBook case. You’ll also get a voucher for all of the bonus content that features in the Digital Deluxe Edition. Note that you’ll get all of it this time, unlike the more limited selection that comes with the Special Edition. The one exception to this is the art book; instead of a digital copy, you’ll actually get a 48-page physical copy of the book instead.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Order Guide Collector's Edition

Then, there’s the most impressive part of the Collector’s Edition; a replica Japanese mask, modelled after the one worn by Jin Sakai in the game. This heavy, polyresin replica isn’t designed to be worn, but comes with a display stand. In addition, the Collector’s Edition contains a traditional furoshiki (wrapping cloth), as well as a 4.5-foot-long sashimono; a Samurai war banner! Finally, you’ll also get a full map of the game’s open world, the Island of Tsushima, printed on cloth. Certainly, it’s quite the haul for fans of the upcoming game, although it has a much higher price tag.