God of War Concept Art Gives Fans Their First Glimpse of Vanaheim

Santa Monica Studios recently released a huge amount of concept art for God of War online, nearly two months after the game’s release. The artwork, selections of which have also been turned into fine-art prints by a professional studio, showcases much of the game’s visual design. The collection includes several never-before-seen things as well; Kratos without his new beard, a rather creepy enemy which never made it into the main game, and now; fans first look at the mysterious realm of Vanaheim.

Vanaheim: The Realm of the Vanir

In Norse mythology, Vanaheim is home to the Vanir, one of the two groups of gods. In God of War, the same is true, but in God of War’s story, the Vanir and Aesir fought a bloody war which ended with the Vanir retreating to their home realm and sealing it off; hence why players were never able to see Vanaheim in God of War. (Aside from a single misty glimpse through a window in Freya’s house.) However, Mark Castanon, one of the concept artists who worked on God of War, produced several gorgeous landscapes depicting the mysterious realm.

Vanaheim is the Home of the Vanir, the Rivals of the Aesir in God of War

Based on the events of God of War, it seems likely that Vanaheim could appear in a sequel. Cory Barlog, the game’s director, has stated that he has no interest in producing post-launch content for God of War. However, he has also stated that he has multiple ideas for follow-up games; given the enormous success of his latest title, it seems almost guaranteed that fans will see the next God of War before too long. Given that, in God of War, the only major power which exists opposed to Odin, Thor, and the other Aesir are the Vanir; Kratos could well end up enlisting their aid. Of course, with Freya now also bitterly opposed to him, she may seek to call upon her long-lost fellows to help wreak her revenge.