GTA 6 Virtual Reality on the Way

Imagine how amazing it would be if we could enjoy the next Grand Theft Auto game with virtual reality. Actually, GTA 6 virtual reality is a very real possibility. Rumors are flying right now that it is might actually happen. Where did these rumors originate, and how seriously should we take them? Let’s investigate.

Will GTA 6 Virtual Reality be a Feature?

The origin of the rumor is this LinkedIn post from developer Video Games Deluxe. It says, “Having finished the critically well received L.A. Noire: The V.R. Case Files we are now gearing up for a new project. 2020 marks our 7th year of working exclusively for Rockstar in Sydney. We have a number of job openings in our Sydney studio including Senior Programmers, Engine Programmer, Designer and Animator. If you are interested in one of these positions or would like two speak to someone who works here about VGD please get in touch.”

The post ignited rumors that Video Games Deluxe could be working with Rockstar soon on VR capabilities for GTA 6. And again, it is possible. But is it likely? Well, probably not as likely as some other possibilities. Consider that we are still a ways out from GTA 6. Now consider that it seems more plausible that the studio is helping Rockstar bring VR to an existing game. Some options might include GTA V or RDR2. It is also possible that the project could be a new game, but not GTA 6. It might for example be L.A. Noire 2, or something else altogether. Who knows? There is even the possibility that it could be a brand new IP.

At this point, it is all supposition. So, we just will have to be patient and wait for further information about the new project. In the meantime, catch up on some of our latest Grand Theft Auto news, including the GTA Online Pilot Week Event.