Hades Coming to Steam Early Access Later This Year

Epic Games Store exclusivity has been quite the contentious topic over the last several months. With the newly prominent gaming store gaining traction through exclusivity deals, the PC gaming community has been less than pleased, to say the least. One indie studio who has capitalized on the perks Epic offers studios is Supergiant Games, the developers behind Hades. But fans who do not enjoy the Epic Store should rejoice, as Hades will officially arrive on Steam later this year.

Full Steam Ahead

Supergiant Games is a studio known for making fantastic indie titles, as each of their previous games has been a raging success. Hades has been no different so far, despite being their first early-access title. While this model has been contentious in the past, Supergiant seems to be setting the standard for how to do early access right. With monthly updates containing a lot of substantial content and sustained open communication with fans, Hades is shaping up very nicely.

Hades coming to Steam in December

Yet even with the early access stormcloud dissipating above their heads another, far larger cloud loomed on the horizon. They announced their Epic exclusivity with a couple of good reasons and a caveat. The indie studio wanted to generate as much revenue as possible during development, so they opted for Epic’s more developer-friendly pricing model. This made sense to fans, especially when Supergiant promised the game would indeed reach other platforms at a later date.

While nobody quite knew when said later date would occur fans largely took the promise on good faith. Why not right? Supergiant had made good on their guarantees for Hades so far, even with Epic exclusivity. Well, fans can relax their shoulders and ease their stress addled minds, because Hades will indeed be coming to Steam on December 10.

The title will still be in early access at that point, but the move to Steam even before a full release is highly encouraging. Not only does this mean Supergiant is eager to please fans and fulfill their promises, but it likely means funding for the game is going well. With update after update gracing Hades constantly, it’s going to be quite fun seeing where this game goes next. Hades is currently available to be wishlisted on Steam, so be sure to check it out if it’s been on your radar.