History, classes and activities in Destiny 2 for beginners

Destiny 2 remains one of the most unique projects in the MMO RPG genre due to non-standard gameplay, beautiful graphics and an interesting setting of battles and space exploration and a large number of single and social activities that developers from Bungie, the authors of the first part of Destiny and the famous HALO, have thought out for players. .

Main plot

You have to choose your playable class from the three offered, but this will affect the personal history and origin of the hero, and not the overall plot, which remains unchanged.

In the center of events are people who protect their land from an alien invasion, while simultaneously studying the history of events, exploring space and discovering new planets for study.

So in the Lightfall update, Neptune was added – another planet in the solar system that you need to explore and interact with new NPCs as part of tasks and conquering space.


You will start your game path by choosing the main class, which will be your avatar and personification in the world of Destiny 2.


A defensive warrior and master marksman who is able to combine offensive and defensive skills to deter opponents and defend himself and his squad when the situation calls for it.

The Titan is always the first to take damage, and how much he realizes his potential and becomes a real defender of the group depends on his defense abilities and equipment.

In addition to defense, the class also performs well in attack, thanks to the steel fists, the titan can destabilize enemies, deal damage in close combat and attack opponents who come too close to him and the situation allows you to remove the defensive shield.

According to the game plot, the titans are the founders of the capital of the human settlement and the main defenders of its security, who swore an oath to protect the city even if they had to sacrifice their lives.


A mixed-type shooter, which can be both an attacking AoE class and an auxiliary one – it all depends on the direction of the hero’s development.

You can be a master of AoE damage and use your magic skills to deal heavy damage to multiple enemies at once, or a professional healer and buffer for your group, creating special healing and buff zones for your allies.

There are no serious raids, pvp and farming that would take place without warlocks – the class fulfills its role in strengthening the group and maintaining overall health and ensuring the survival of the tank in any conditions.

According to the game plot, warlocks are explorers and magicians who are looking for light and travel the world, fighting any manifestation of darkness that can only meet on their way.


A ranged specialist and master of daggers who can deal high damage from any distance.

The Hunter is especially effective in all kinds of damage-dealing activities, especially if the group can give them room to maneuver and fire freely.

Wields long-range rifles and daggers to attack opponents at any distance and protect themselves.

Hunters are wanderers driven from their native lands. The long period of survival in the deserts has made them masters of combat in all conditions and first-class mercenaries.

Each hunter takes on various orders and assignments to eliminate targets, as evidenced by their signature cape, which is always draped on his back. According to the code of honor, each member of the hunter community must take the cloak of a fallen brother-in-arms and complete his work so that the hero’s spirit finds peace – naturally, this is a game chip and an interesting story, and not an instruction for action on the part of the player.


To get started in Destiny 2, you’ll need to go through a basic tutorial that will help you understand the basics of movement, shooting, skill usage, subclasses, and many other unique Destiny 2 mechanics.

Of course, for many players, such actions will not be something radically new, but it is important to learn not about movement and the keys that are responsible for it, but how and on what principle various activities and skills work.

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The basis of most online projects and Destiny 2 is no exception, here are quests.

These are special tasks and assignments that will be assigned to you by local NPCs and thanks to which you will receive levels, glimmers – the local currency of Destiny 2, equipment and weapons, and overall progress in the storyline.

Of course, you can also take side quests, which carry much less experience and money and often offer a random reward, but they can be perfectly combined with main quests to get the most experience that you can get during the leveling process.


These are quests that are related to in-game activities and that have a strict time frame in which it is important to complete them.

If you complete the contract only partially after the expiration of the game time allotted for its completion, then you will not receive anything – it is important to have time to fulfill all the conditions before the timer expires, but do not worry – often these are simple tasks that, although they will make you sweat, but which are nothing out of the ordinary.

Tasks can be to exterminate a certain type of monsters, shoot in the head, use special weapons, and so on.

Each action is included in the progress and if you complete them all, the task will be completed, and you will gain experience.

Contracts have a shared cooldown, but can be upgraded and completed again with glimmers. In this way, you can convert currency into experience.


You can always rely solely on yourself in matters of pumping and oppose the grind against the quest method of obtaining levels.

If pumping through the quest system is a fixed experience and % obtained as part of its implementation, then grinding is free swimming where you yourself regulate where and how you get experience. If you do everything right and find a location where the monsters are 2-3 levels higher than you, then you can get good prospects not only for gaining experience, but also for rewards in the form of materials, items of equipment and weapons, and glimmers.


Go to raids as soon as they become available to you – this is a great place where you can dynamically fight a common enemy – huge monsters as part of a group of other players and claim the best types of equipment and weapons that only exist in Destiny 2.

Raids are divided into three levels and each one must be completed to open the next one – the most difficult mythical one, which allows you to get legendary equipment and weapons for your hero.