Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Player Program: How to Unlock His Rookie Legends Card

One of the most valuable rookie cards in the history of sports cards belongs to none other than baseball’s Honus Wagner. As of Tuesday, June 9, a virtual rookie card is available through the new Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Player Program. While he’s not at his primary position, he’s definitely a card a lot of players will want for their Diamond Dynasty squads. Here we’ll take a look at the card and how to unlock his new Diamond Legends item.

New Honus Wagner Diamond Legends card in 4th Inning

Just recently, we saw the first of the 4th Inning Player Programs arrive with an 89 overall Omar Vizquel card. Now we’ve got another new one with a Diamond Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 card to acquire. It’s a 90 overall with Wagner primarily playing centerfield. However, he can also play rightfield, leftfield, or second base.

With the 1897 rookie card, Wagner’s attributes include 100 Contact Left, 95 Contact Right, 104 Vision, 99 Bunting, 66 Fielding, 80 Arm Strength, 96 Speed, and 78 Stealing. The 5-foot-11 baseball star has Diamond Hitting and Quirks including Hitting Machine, Thief, 20/20 Vision, Pressure Cooker, Speedster, and Bunt Master.

honus wagner mlb the show 20 attributes

Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Player Program Moments

The Honus Wagner MLB The Show 20 Player Program is part of the 4th Inning content for the game. You can access this from the game’s main screen by heading to Moments and choose “4th Inning” followed by “Wagner Program.” Or, go to it in the Diamond Dynasty mode by scrolling over to Programs and choosing “Player Programs.”

Moments are related to career moments from various seasons of Honus Wagner’s career. You get to play locked as Wagner for several plate appearances across one game or multiple games and have to achieve specific stats. For most of the moments, you’ll play as Wagner on the Louisville Colonels. Here are all of the Moments and their associated rewards.

Hitting Honus – Tally 2 Hits in one game vs. Yankees (All-Star difficulty). (Rewards: 300 Stubs, 800 XP) +6 Points

Doubles Machine – Tally 2 Extra Base Hits vs. Giants (Veteran difficulty). (Rewards: 300 Stubs, 800 XP) +6 Points

Wagner’s Got Wheels – Tally 1 Hit, Steal 1 Base vs. Braves (All-Star difficulty). (Rewards: 300 Stubs, 800 XP) +6 Points

Homer Honus – Tally 4 Total Bases vs. Yankees (Veteran difficulty). (Rewards: 250 Stubs, 650 XP) +6 Points

Bonus Honus – Tally 3 Hits, Tally 1 XBH vs. Cardinals (Veteran difficulty). (Rewards: 350 Stubs, 850 XP) +6 Points

1909 World Series – Tally 8 Hits, 3 XBH vs. Tigers (Veteran difficulty) in seven games. (Rewards: 500 Stubs, 1,000 XP) +6 Points

My Name is Honus – Tally 6 Total Bases in 1 game (Veteran difficulty). (Rewards: 350 Stubs, 850 XP) +6 Points

By completing all of the Moments above, you’ll get 42 Points. However, you need eight more to get Honus Wagner. That’s where Missions come into play.

Wagner Missions and Rewards

There are also Missions for the Honus Wagner program to earn points towards rewards. Missions are specific in-game things you need to achieve using certain players or teams. Here’s a look at them along with rewards and points.

  • Online: Tally 10 Hits with centerfielders +10 Points
  • Online: Tally Extra Base Hits with Pirates +10 Points
  • Play vs. CPU: Defeat Pirates on All-Star Difficulty or Higher +8 Points
  • Exchange Outfielders 10,000 Value +5 Points

You’ll earn rewards along the way as you rack up the Points from Moments and Missions. At 10 Points, you get 500 Stubs, while 20 Points brings four Live Series Pirates players. 30 Points earn 1,000 MLB The Show Stubs. At 40 Points, it’s two packs of four Live Series Pirates players. At 50 Points, you’ll unlock Honus Wagner’s Diamond card for your squad.

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