How to Find and Collect Your Borderlands 3 Mail Rewards

Borderlands 3 provides plenty of different rewards as you progress through the game. Of course, you earn XP, but Gearbox’s promise of a never-before-seen amount of guns was certainly accurate; you’ll have no shortage of new gear, especially after defeating Badass enemies and bosses. Plus, you’ll get weapons and gear periodically as mission rewards. However, there’s another reward system which you might not even have spotted; the Borderlands 3 mail rewards. These are very easy to miss, and surprisingly difficult to actually find.

Borderlands 3 Mail Rewards and How to Find Them

Every now and then, when you complete a mission (and possibly at certain other points in the game, though it’s unclear exactly when), you will receive one of the Borderlands 3 mail rewards. These mostly come in the form of mail messages from one of the arms companies, with an attached weapon reward. However, the notification for these rewards is easily missed; it appears as a very small envelope with an exclamation mark just above your active mission objective.

Borderlands 3 Mail Rewards

These rewards don’t appear on the ground like most weapons, nor do they go straight to your inventory. They don’t even appear in the Lost Loot machine. Instead, you have to actively claim them from the menu. If you’ve tried to find them and failed already, it’s certainly understandable. For some reason, these mail rewards are inaccessible from the primary in-game menu. Instead, you have to open the pause menu, where you can change controller settings or quit the game.

From here, select ‘Social’ and then navigate to the right-most tab, which is your player inbox. Here you can find your Borderlands 3 mail rewards, with accompanying messages, just like an actual email inbox. If you got the game’s Super Deluxe Edition or other pre-order bonuses, you can also claim many of your cosmetic packs from messages here. Be sure to check back on this screen periodically, as it’s easy to miss the new mail notification. As such, it’s easy to come back and find a backlog of mail rewards.