How long does an iGaming registration process take?

Does it take a lifetime to complete the iGaming registration process? Absolutely not. But how long does it take? With more and more individuals visiting online casinos and betting platforms, surely they want to make the process as quick as possible to ensure players actually sign up. There is nothing worse than a signup process that takes a lifetime – people would simply stop halfway through – we have all been guilty of that.

Creating an account

The first thing to do when joining any iGaming site is to create an account – that is pretty much the entire registration process, and you will know how simple it will be the second you lay eyes on it.

Most websites make it so simple that you can do it in just a couple of minutes. More than that, and we promise you will become annoyed. Commonly required basic information includes names, email addresses, birth dates, and strong passwords. They will probably ask you to pick a username, which might be the longest part of the process if you cannot find a username that isn not already taken.

By letting players sign up with either their Google or social media accounts, some websites simplify this stage, reducing time spent manually entering details about yourself. Ordinarily, it will take 5–10 minutes, depending on the method you choose and your typing speed.

Verification Process

The next step after opening an account is verification.

This step is essential in ensuring only genuine users who comply with legal requirements can register. Typically, verification involves providing ID documents like a passport, driving licence, or national ID card if you are in the US. In the UK, most casino websites only ask you to verify your email, not your identity, and some don’t need verification at all.

The time taken at this stage can vary depending on the system used by platforms. Some platforms have automated systems that can check your documents within minutes, while others may take longer if manual checks are required. Generally speaking, this point will last from a few moments to several hours, possibly, in rare cases, it will take 24-48 hours.

Setting up Payment Methods

Once your identity has been proven, the next step is setting up your payment methods. Technically, speaking about the time it takes to register for an iGaming platform, you are finished now – but you cannot play at any real money online casino without setting up payment methods.

That usually entails linking your bank account, credit or debit card, or other payment options like e-wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller) or cryptocurrencies. The speed and ease of this step vary depending on the payment option you select.

For example, adding a credit card or connecting an e-wallet account is often done instantaneously. On the other hand, bank transfers might take longer because of more security checks and lengthier processing times involved.

Usually, this can last from a few minutes to about half an hour.

Finalizing Registration and Bonuses

The last step is always the most exciting; after all, who does not love claiming their welcome bonuses as they complete their account setup? New players at iGaming websites can receive attractive gifts like bonus spins, deposit matches, and no-deposits.

Claiming these rewards usually involves entering a promo code while registering for an account or making your first deposit. This stage is generally fast, as everything else is already good to go.

Still, you should carefully read the terms and conditions tied to these bonuses so you understand the wagering requirements and any other caveats they will catch you out on. So, to sum up, it should take only a few minutes to create an account and enter basic information. Verification can take some time and vary depending on how it is done, but in most cases, it may be over within a few hours. The actual time will depend on various factors, like how efficient the verification system of the platform is and which payment methods you go with. But once you are signed up, you are ready to play some of the best games you will find online!