How the Ticket Respawn System Works in Battlefield 2042

Now that the Battlefield 2042 Beta is live, many gamers are getting their first chance to try out the upcoming title, and learning how its various new features work. One of these features is the Battlefield 2042 Ticket system; a redesigned respawn system which plays a big role in Conquest (the sole game mode available in the Beta).

The Battlefield 2042 Tickets and How They Work

In Battlefield 2042 – or at least in the Conquest mode – Tickets are a vital resource. Both teams in the match have a single pool of Tickets which all of the players on any given team share. The primary way for a match to end is one team running out of Tickets, leaving their rivals the victors. Tickets are expended in two different ways which ensure that both player kills and holding the objectives play a role in winning a match.

Battlefield 2042 Tickets and How They Work

Firstly, every time a player dies, they expend a single Ticket in order to respawn back into the match. As 128 players clash in Conquest, Tickets will quickly start to evaporate on both sides, as firefights break out across the map. However, this isn’t the only way for teams to lose their Tickets. While eliminating enemy players might be the most direct way to win, objectives also play a major role.

When a team captures and holds one of the objectives on Orbital or another Battlefield 2042 map, their rival team will start to lose Tickets. With ten objectives up for grabs, matches are a race to hold more objectives than your opponents; thus staying ahead in a battle of attrition as both teams drain Tickets at shifting rates. (Or, at the very least, to hold the same number of objectives, so that the rate of decay for both teams is equal.) Ultimately, a team will have to make use of both methods to win a match by reducing their enemies’ pool of Tickets to zero.