How To Earn A Ken Griffey Jr. Breakout Legend Card in MLB The Show 19

Ken Griffey Jr. was one of the best baseball players to ever suit up. He made hard plays look easy, and easy plays look like practice. From making impossible catches look routine to hitting a game-winning home run, Griffey Jr. could do it all. Ever since he stepped onto the field in 1989, he was bound for greatness. Now the Hall of Famer is destined for even more on MLB The Show 19.

Ken Griffey Jr. Breakout Legend Card

Now that MLB The Show 19 has made the Ken Griffey Jr. Breakout Legend Card available, gamers need to know how to get it.

It isn’t that hard, folks. You just have to complete some Moments – and who doesn’t love doing that? Getting your hands on this hot card was best explained in the latest Show Nation report.

“If you want to get your hands-on Ken Griffey Jr.’s Breakout Legend card (Diamond, 88 OVR), just go into your #SonyPartners Moments and complete all of Clutch’s new set. Each Moment was curated by Clutch himself based on his favorite team (the Seattle Mariners) and memories over the years. If you want to hear Clutch announce this card and hear about why he chose each Moment, watch his announcement on Twitch and ask him yourself.”

Griffey legacy was one for the record books

It’s sometimes still hard to believe that Griffey Jr. spent nearly 10 seasons away from the Mariners before rejoining them for his final two campaigns.

While Jr. did have some great seasons with the Cincinnati Reds, he is remembered by most fans as a member of the Seattle Mariners. The Ken Griffey Jr.’s Breakout Legend Card gamers will be trying to obtain is his 1990 Topps.

In his historic career, Griffey Jr. was a 13-time All-Star and 10-time gold glove winner. He hit 630 career home runs and drove in 1,836 runs.

Now all you need to do is go get that card!