How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

If you love playing video games, chances are good that at some point of time, you wondered whether you could make a living in the video game industry. From game designer to audio engineer to game play tester, there are many different careers out there to consider. But it is not easy to get a job in the video game industry—and even after you do, you can expect to have to regularly apply for new jobs.

So, how can you go about breaking into the industry? Following are some recommendations that may help you find your way into this competitive field.

Tips to Help You Get a Job in the Video Game Industry

1. Take care of the basics: your resume, your portfolio, and your social media profiles.

First things first. Put together an incredible resume and get your portfolio in order. Then, work on polishing your social media profiles. In many respects, these are like additional resumes nowadays—and in some cases, may replace a traditional resume.

In fact, your LinkedIn profile is especially critical to get right. You may want to think about hiring LinkedIn profile writing services to make sure that you are presenting yourself in a professional way on the platform.

2. Head to events.

It is not unusual for recruiters to go to major video game conventions. So, if an event is open to the public, consider attending yourself. You might be able to network your way into a job.

3. Start in testing.

If you just want an entry level position in the video game industry and are not picky about what it is, look for jobs in testing. These are often easier to get than other roles. If you do well as a tester, other opportunities might open up to you in the future.

4. Participate in gaming forums.

On some gaming forums, you might be able to share your work. If you do so, there is a chance that it could get around and be seen by the right person.

5. Blog about games.

On the same token, you might want to think about starting a relevant blog. If you can draw enough attention to your blog, it could result in employment opportunities working on video games at some point down the line.

6. Create games of your own, or participate in game jams.

One of the most important things you can do to get a job in the game industry is actually show off your skills. So, in your spare time, consider developing your own games.

Another ideas is to get involved with game jams. This not only helps you build up a portfolio, but also network. And if you win any contests in the process, it could highlight your work in a big way, bringing you to the attention of the community.

7. Get an unrelated job at a game developer or publisher.

Finally, another idea for getting a job in the video game industry is to apply for a position with a publisher or developer that does not directly involve making games.

While this might seem like a frustrating approach, it can still pan out. After all, it gives you direct access to people in the business. And once they learn that you know what you are doing, they may decide to make use of your talent.

You have some recommendations now that may help you to get a job in the video game industry. It is not easy to break into the field, but once you do, you may be on your way to your dream job. So, give it a shot. And remember, it can take time to succeed. So, keep at it!