How to Record Gaming Videos for YouTube

Streaming and broadcasting your gaming experience has become one of the biggest trends on the internet. If you’re just getting started or want to upgrade your setup, though, it can seem intimidating. However, you can record gaming videos with ease by simply following these steps. 

1. Find Your Niche

The first step is to, of course, choose your game. This step is critical because the game you play may be dependent on a specific console, like with Nintendo-exclusive games. Thus, your recording process may have a unique approach.

Many gamers and streamers use a PC since it has the processing power and works with plenty of games on the market. It’s also the most compact way to record since you do it right from your computer. Other times, it may be better to let your console do the heaviest lifting.

You’ll also want to decide what kind of content you’re going to make. Is it game-play based? Are you going to review the game? Maybe your channel is on the humorous side. These factors play a role in your recording process — you’ll need high-quality audio capabilities alongside your video recording tech. 

2. Use a Video Capture Device

Getting your technology and software in place beforehand is essential. Perhaps the most important tool you’ll need is a device or software that will capture the game. The process will be different if you’re using a console like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X from a PC.

On a PC, you can use a service like Bandicam to record your screen. This software allows you to also have another window of a face-cam running at the same time. Since many gamers and streamers interact with audiences, you can use your webcam, or an attachable one from Logitech or another reputable source, to have that second video running. Then, record it at once with Bandicam.

A console recording will be a bit more in-depth, but just as doable. One possibility is using a tool like the HD60 S to record. Install the software, then use HDMI cords to connect the device to your gaming console and to your computer. You can then record gaming videos in a breeze. 

3. Work with Audio Equipment

Both during and after you record your video, you’ll want the best audio equipment. Your computer microphone may do the trick, but if you want higher quality, you’ll need to purchase a mic. Some options include HyperX, Aokeo, Blue Yeti and Rockville. The most expensive options are usually around $150. 

When you’re recording, you can use software like Audacity to ensure your mic only picks up your voice. Change the settings to “noise reduction” and make sure you have “mono recording channel” selected. You’ll be able to see and edit your audio track after you’ve stopped recording on the platform. 

4. Edit, Edit, Edit

A major part of recording is what comes after — editing. To draw in people — especially if you’re looking to monetize your videos — you’ll want recordings that stand out and are creative. Editing software will provide you with those tools. 

Open Broadcaster Software, iMovie, VSDC and Kdenlive are free video edition options for Windows, Mac or Linux computers. You can also opt for big names like Adobe Premiere Pro to get more features and abilities.

Edit out the boring stuff, keep the interesting and unique parts. Viewers will watch long gaming videos, but they have to keep their attention. It’s important to record everything when you play so you don’t miss any engaging parts.

5. Upload to YouTube

When you’ve officially got your recording together, it’s time to upload it to YouTube. You’ll want to use keywords and tags when you post so that you can draw in your niche and gain views. Uploading videos to Youtube can often be the sometimes slowest part of the whole process. A way to combat this is to increase your upload speed. Fibre optic can massively increase both upload and download speed, you can get fibre by comparing these deals.

Make sure your recording follows YouTube’s guidelines, otherwise the platform could demonetize your videos. You typically won’t have a problem with the game itself, but many songs and audio bits are subject to strict copyright restrictions. Do your homework beforehand! 

Other Considerations

When you record gaming videos, you’ll want to keep some other things in mind. You may need good lighting for quality visuals and you may want to look into accessories to make your setup more comfortable. Gaming chairs and wrist rests will come in handy after playing for a while.

After that, you’re reading to kick your YouTube channel into full gear. Happy gaming!