How to Unlock an Extra Chapter Tier Skip in Battlefield 5 Chapter 6

This week, DICE is offering Battlefield 5 players a way to unlock a free Chapter Tier Skip, as the reward for completing ‘We Happy Few,’ the latest Weekly Challenge of Chapter 6. Of course, the challenge also gives players a way to earn plenty of additional Chapter XP, making it easier to progress up the Chapter Ranks.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Weekly Challenge: We Happy Few

As always, you can use the objective nodes on the Weekly Challenge screen in-game to matchmake directly into a playlist. This week, the ‘We Happy Few’ challenge matchmakes to the Squad Conquest playlist. This playlist includes Squad Conquest on the Al Sundan, Iwo Jima, Lofoten Islands, Pacific Storm, Provence, Solomon Islands, and Wake Island maps. The nodes themselves this week are relatively few and relatively simple. However, they do offer a combined total of 96,000 Chapter XP.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Weekly Challenge We Happy Few
  • Contact! (5,000 XP); For the first objective node of We Happy Few, you barely need to do anything. All you need to do is kill a single enemy!
  • Clear! (14,000 XP); Ramping things up a bit from Contact!, the Clear! node requires you to capture a total of 2 Objectives.
  • Dig In! (5,000 XP); Another relatively easy one, the Dig In! objective requires you to build a total of 5 Fortifications. If you focus on working through the nodes, you might well be able to complete Contact!, Clear!, and Dig In! in a single match.
  • Hostiles Incoming (14,000 XP); This objective requires you to work together with your squadmates to kill a total of 25 enemies.
  • Defensive Positions! (14,000 XP); For this objective, you’ll need to play as either a Recon or Support. To complete it, you need to earn a total of 7,500 score while playing as those two classes.
  • Kings of the Hill (14,000 XP); It makes perfect sense to use the matchmaking functionality of the objective nodes on this one. After all, Kings of the Hill requires you to win 2 rounds of Squad Conquest.
  • Act as One (30,000 XP); The final objective this week, and the largest, this node requires you to complete a total of 15 squad orders. Once you complete Act as One, you’ll complete the challenge and earn yourself a Chapter Tier Skip as your reward.