How to Unlock the New US Castaway Set in Battlefield 5 Chapter 6

Although some of the weapons which were meant to have featured as weekly challenge rewards in Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 were released early, it seems that DICE still has plenty to offer places in their place. Stomping Ground, this week’s weekly challenge, gives players the chance to unlock the new Castaway US soldier customisation set.

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Weekly Challenge: Stomping Ground

This week, the focus in Chapter 6 is on Team Deathmatch. As always, you can matchmake directly to a playlist through the weekly challenge’s objective nodes, and this week it’s the Pacific Team Deathmatch playlist; Team Deathmatch on the Iwo Jima, Pacific Storm, Solomon Islands, and Wake Island map. The nodes which you’ll need to complete to unlock the Castaway set are as follows:

Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Weekly Challenge US Castaway Set
  • Give and Take (5,000 Chapter XP); The first objective node in Stomping Ground is very simple. All you need to do is either kill an enemy or revive a teammate a total of 3 times.
  • Slash and Burn (14,000 Chapter XP); For this objective, you’ll need to make use of melee weapons or those which make use of fire. You need to deal a total of 1,000 damage, but you must do so while using a bayonet, melee weapon, or fire.
  • All for One (14,000 Chapter XP); The ‘All for One’ objective requires you to either revive one of your squadmates, or have one of your squadmates revive you, a total of 15 times.
  • Operational Success (30,000 Chapter XP); While the XP reward for this objective is very high, the objective is actually quite simple. All you need to do is win 3 rounds of any game mode.
  • Full Wacko (14,000 Chapter XP); This objective will require a certain amount of skill (or luck!). You need to kill 5 enemies in total, but you must do so without dying yourself before your fifth kill.
  • Fractal Death (14,000 Chapter XP); Working together with your squad, completing this objective requires you to score a total of 15 double kills.
  • A Game of Numbers (30,000 Chapter XP); For the final objective node of Stomping Ground, you’ll need to either heal your teammates or damage enemies for a grand total of 5,000 health.