Is Facebook Down? How to Find Out

Cannot access Facebook, and wondering how to check the Facebook server status? To help you figure out if Facebook is down or if it is just you, we have created this quick guide. We will walk you through how to determine if Facebook is offline and what to do in case of problems reaching the site or app.

Is Facebook Down? Here is How to Know

A good way of figuring out whether Facebook is down for everyone or just you is to use the website Close to the top of the page, you can read whether users are indicating problems at Facebook or not at the present time. Below that, a chart shows you spikes in user reports over the past 24 hours. Additional data you can find on the page includes whether problems have been reported with the website, app, or logins. The comments down near the bottom of the page can give you more information about what users are specifically reporting.

If a lot of users are reporting difficulties using Facebook, it is likely that the Facebook offline issue has nothing to do with you personally.

Is Facebook Down Right Now? Here is What to Do

While many social networks maintain pages with tips and recommendations for situations like this, FB has no such official troubleshooting page. But the troubleshooting steps you can take are much the same as they would be with another social network.

Start by checking if your connection is stable and if there are any issues with your ISP. Reboot your device or try another one to see if that fixes it. You also can uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app. You should also assess whether any other apps you are running could be interfering with Facebook.

If none of this works and you do not see other users reporting Facebook offline, that does not mean Facebook is not down. It could just be that you are the first person to notice the problem. In that case, you should follow these instructions for reporting the issue to Facebook.

Reporting the issue can help bring it to Facebook’s attention in case they are not yet aware of it. So, it is a good way to help yourself and other Facebook users. Beyond that, you just need to wait patiently for Facebook to get its act together. Hopefully before long, you will be back to scanning through your feed and posting updates.