Is Steam Down? Here is How to Find Out

Can’t seem to access Steam? If so, you are probably wondering “Is Steam down? Or is it just me?” To help you find the answer to your question, we have put together a quick guide. Let’s talk about how you can figure out whether Steam is down, and what you can do about it.

Is Steam Down? How to Check Server Status

You may sometimes receive an error code when you attempt to access Steam. A common example is Error 118, which means that you are unable to connect with the server. Another is 53, which means the servers are too busy to get through. Server congestion is particularly common when Steam has a sale on. But you may sometimes run into different codes as well. These errors can crop up on the website. You might also encounter them when you try to access Steam using the Steam client itself.

The easiest way to figure out if Steam is down or if it is just you is to head to to check on the status. This page refreshes every 45 seconds or so, and tells you what the status is for different Steam services and regions. It is not an official page with any direct connection Valve, but it is pretty reliable. But you can also take a look at the Steam & Game Stats page over at Steam itself for additional insights.

Is Steam Down Right Now? What to Do Next

So, the next question is, what should you do if Steam is down or inaccessible for any reason? The exact steps you can attempt depend on the error code.

For example, if you have Steam down error code 53, Steam suggests that you try changing your download region. Sometimes that might fix it. You can also try and repair corrupted Steam files. Steam also lists a number of possible connection issues you can check, such as viruses or legitimate programs that may interfere with Steam.

If it does turn out to be you, you might be able to fix the problem and get on Steam. But in some cases, it simply has nothing to do with you and Steam is down. At that point, the solution is a frustrating one, but it is also really simple: just wait it out. If you check in again a few hours later, you will probably find that Steam is once again accessible. You can then purchase your games or do whatever else you had planned.