Is Twitch Down? How to Find Out

If you cannot load Twitch or Twitch videos are not playing, you are likely wondering, “Is Twitch down, or is it just me?” Below, we tell you how you can find out whether there is a Twitch outage as well as what you can do about Twitch offline problems.

Is Twitch Down? Here is How to Know

There are a couple of easy ways you can check Twitch status. One is to head right here to to see if Twitch itself is reporting any issues. The page lists whether login, web, chat, video watching, video broadcasting and purchases are operational or not. You can also see whether there were any incidents reported over the most recent two weeks.

You also can try looking at to see if Twitch is working. At the top, it tells you if users are reporting any problems with the service. There is an outage graph directly below for the past 24 hours. You can also check whether the most reported problems have been with the website, server connection or video streaming. There are comments below to provide more information.

If lots of users are reporting problems, the outage is on Twitch’s end, so, you can just wait for it to resolve. But if there are not a lot of users reporting problems, it is possible the issue is on your end.

Is Twitch Down Right Now: What to Do Now

First of all, if what you are seeing is the Twitch 2000 Network Error, the issue is usually on the streamer’s end. Simply refreshing may make it go away, but only after the streamer fixes their issue.

Other errors you could run into include the Twitch 5000 Content Not Available error, or the “Error loading data” on Twitch. In the first case, it is not your fault, and might resolve later on its own. In the second case, waiting and/or refreshing might fix it. Now and again, disabling your ad blocker also might help.

What if Twitch isn’t loading at all? You can try checking your connection, reloading or reinstalling your app, changing devices, clearing the cache, and looking for conflicts with other apps.

If nothing works, visit Twitch support on Twitter and report the Twitch down issue. Doing so may speed up the Twitch team’s efforts toward resolution. In the meantime, do your best to be patient while you wait for Twitch to get back online.