Is Twitter Down? How to Find Out

Are you not able to access Twitter right now? Then you are probably wondering, “Is Twitter down, or is it just me?” To help you figure out whether there is a Twitter outage, we have put together this quick guide. We will tell you where to check Twitter status as well as what you can do about Twitter offline issues.

Is Twitter Down? Here is How to Know

The easiest way to find out whether Twitter is down is to check at On this independent site, you can see whether users are reporting any issues accessing Twitter. You also can view a graphical chart that shows you problem reports across the past 24 hours. Below that, you can view or submit comments. You might even find users reporting the exact same problem you experienced.

Wondering what causes Twitter to go down? Sometimes, the issue is that a power outage occurred at one of the locations where they keep their servers, and backup power also failed. This might be particularly likely to occur during a natural disaster.

Is Twitter Down Right Now? Here is What to Do

If you cannot access Twitter, your next question is almost certainly what you can do about it. If you think the problem may be on your end, Twitter itself has put together a handy troubleshooting guide you can follow. The recommended steps to try include checking your network connection, testing a private browser, updating your browser, logging out and back in, clearing your cache and cookies, switching off your add-ons in your browser, and removing any third-party access you have set up.

What if you try all that and the Twitter down issue continues? Chances are good that the problem is on Twitter’s end, especially if user reports agree. In a scenario like this, you might also find yourself looking at the 500 Internal Server Error as well, which is another sign that the problem is Twitter, not you.

In that situation, there is not much you can do except wait for Twitter to get its act together and fix whatever problem they are experiencing. You can check back later that day to see if Twitter is back up and running. Do not forget that getting in touch with customer support at Twitter is also an option. Letting them know what is going on might benefit not only you, but other users as well.