It Is Uncertain Whether DOOM Eternal Will Be On Steam Or Not

During QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda announced many interesting upcoming facts about their games. While they are sure they will not release Fallout 76 on Steam, it is uncertain whether DOOM Eternal will hit Steam like the rest of the DOOM franchise. This has driven fans crazy, mostly because all the other DOOM titles are there, so why would DOOM Eternal not be?

In one of his recent interviews with IGN, Pete Hines talked further about Bethesda’s plans regarding Steam. He pointed out that they never said that all Bethesda’s future games will not be on Steam. Just because they planned to not distribute Fallout 76 on Steam, it does not mean that they will make the same decision regarding the rest of their games.

Hines was also asked specifically about DOOM Eternal distribution through Steam. He said that they chose not to distribute Fallout 76 on Steam because it is an online game. They have not decided yet about whether DOOM Eternal will be purchasable there or not. However, he did say that it might be or might not be, which means that it is possible you will not be able to purchase the game there as you did with the rest of the DOOM franchise.

Bethesda’s choice to have Fallout 76 available through their official website is something new. Of course, they have not made a decision yet about DOOM Eternal but do not be surprised if they choose the same direction. It is an excellent way to make their official website more popular even though Steam is handy for PC gamers. Either way, you will still be able to purchase the game quickly. It will just not be the same way as you used to. Regardless, DOOM Eternal looks way more cool than the previous DOOM titles so there will probably not be any hesitation for the fans to grab it.