Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue Comes Out After Launch, Requires Download

There is a lot to look forward to at launch for Kingdom Hearts 3 like the Starlight Keyblade and getting your hands on the Deluxe Edition. However, there is one thing that won’t be for players right at launch. That is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue. Players who beat the game and want to experience it will have to download it in a patch the week of launch.

This was revealed through the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page this morning. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue will be available as free downloadable content on Wednesday, January 30. That also happens to be the day after the game releases. It is rather unfortunate that players will have to download this extra video in order to get the full experience.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue

However, that is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue and not the actual ending of the game. In fact, players must have beat the game and seen the ending in order to watch the epilogue. In addition, there are other downloadable contents that launch week. On launch day, there will be a day one patch available that fixes a few things and adds the Memory Archive.

The Memory Archive is a brief digest of the entire Kingdom Hearts series to that point. It’s a great way to remember certain events before jumping into the game. Lastly, there will be a secret video available for download on Thursday, January 31. We aren’t sure what the secret video is but there have been cases of these in previous games.

We also don’t know how you will be able to unlock the ability to watch it just yet either. All we know is that players must have beat the game, seen the ending, and then fulfill some other hidden criteria during the game. Stay tuned right here to find out what that criteria is.