Konami Announces PES 2020 UEFA Euro Partnership With Fully Licensed Tournament

Konami continues to add major partnerships ahead of the release of their new title Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. The latest is an arrangement which will bring a PES 2020 UEFA Euro tournament to the game via a special update pack. Konami made the big announcement on Tuesday, bringing fans another major surprise that may give them a leg up on EA Sports’ FIFA.

PES 2020 to feature UEFA Euro tournament

A major announcement came via a tweet on August 20 as the eFootball PES game will add UEFA Euro 2020 as a fully licensed tournament. It will be added to the game at a later time via a special update pack. Based on the fine print, it will be released in the second quarter of 2020 but will feature over 50 national associations in the Pro Evolution Football game.

Konami also added in another tweet, “With this UEFA partnership, we will be the official game used for the brand new eEURO2020 esports tournament!”

Next year’s UEFA Euro tournament will be the 16th competition and also the 60th birthday for UEFA Euro. As part of the celebration, over 50 European national teams’ kits, official balls, and hosting stadium will be recreated for the game. The best news is that the PES 2020 UEFA Euro addition will be a free DLC pack coming in spring 2020, per the official website. They indicate that more details will arrive next year for the update.

Other Konami partnerships, release date details

The big announcement is the latest to rock the gaming community in terms of international football titles. Konami also exclusively partnered with Juventus football club for PES 2020 which really shook up the soccer simulation game landscape.

With that news, it meant that the team name would officially be a part of Konami’s PES 2020. Meanwhile, EA’s FIFA had to create a fictional club for their game. For many years, FIFA had the Junvetus team featured as part of their soccer games. Now, FIFA 20 will have a team called Piemonte Calcio in place of Juventus.

Other Konami partnerships include Manchester United, Barcelona, and FC Bayern, who all appear on the Global cover for PES 2020.

With the UEFA Euro addition, one thing many gamers are asking from PES developers is to include more stadiums. Some gamers point out that the UEFA 2016 tournament in the game included just one stadium to use. More variety and authenticity would certainly be nice for this aspect of the game. It seems based on details on the PES website that there is the hosting stadium available for the tournament.

Of course, this is another big step for the Konami title, although fans always want more. There are still those begging for Konami to add fully licensed Champions League and Premier League. It’s one step at a time in the race for eFootball dominance.

There is a PES 2020 demo version currently available for gamers to play until the new game comes out. The official Pro Evolution Soccer title arrives on September 10, 2019, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. See more details about PES 2020 and how to pre-order here.

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