Lakers Star Kyle Kuzma’s Brother Andre Smith is Part of NBA 2K League Draft Pool

Kyle Kuzma is already a star in the NBA, as he won a championship alongside LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and others on the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s also part of the NBA 2K video games since his rookie debut. Now, Kyle Kuzma’s brother, Andre Smith, has a shot at becoming a professional gaming star when the NBA 2K League Draft arrives. That could make some unique history for Kuzma and Smith.

Kyle Kuzma’s brother could join Lakers Gaming

With NBA 2K League, professional gamers play in scheduled games involving the 2K video game. Teams are associated with many of the NBA clubs, including the Los Angeles Lakers. In the upcoming NBA 2K League Draft, the Lakers Gaming team will own the first overall pick. They’ll have a total of four picks for the night, and one of those could be Kyle Kuzma’s brother, Andre Smith.

The Lakers Gaming team could be searching for a shooting guard, which Smith, aka SpaceJamDre, plays with his 2K avatar. The 21-year-old would then play 2K in El Segundo in the same facility where Kyle Kuzma practices with the Lakers.

An LA Times report talked about the potential history of Kuzma and his brother Andre becoming the first brothers playing in the two leagues associated with the NBA. Smith even compared his value heading into the 2K League Draft to that of his brother ahead of the NBA’s draft in 2017.

“I hope it’s the first or second round. A lot of people don’t see me as a first-, second-round guy,” Smith said of his draft chances. “But they didn’t see Kyle as a first- or second-round guy, either. A lot of people had him as an undrafted player.”

Just like Kyle, Andre also wears the number 0 on his NBA 2K avatar’s jersey. As far as his potential draft spot in the league, a 2K team general manager commented he “could be a mid-late-round pick.”

“Good shooter, just hasn’t played all that much on the competitive scene,” the 2K team GM added.

Based on that, it seems unlikely he would go as the No. 1 overall pick. However, if Kuzma put in a word somewhere, it’s possible his brother could end up a member of the Lakers Gaming in the NBA 2K League.

NBA 2K League Draft details

The fourth annual NBA 2K League Draft takes place on Saturday, March 13. The event begins at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, according to a 2K League report, and should last several hours until all picks are made.

The draft will also be available for viewers to watch on NBA 2K League Twitch channel. In addition, it will be available on the NBA 2K League YouTube.

NBA 2K League’s draft consists of four rounds, with up to 250 players in the 2021 draft pool. In addition to the first pick, Lakers Gaming holds the first pick of the second round (No. 24 overall) along with the first pick in the third round (No. 38). They also hold the fourth round (No. 61). The complete draft order is available here.

By the end of the night, Kyle Kuzma and his brother will likely make history as the first brothers to be part of the two leagues connected to the NBA.

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