The Latest Elder Scrolls: Online Update Adds New Guild Tools

ZeniMax Online Studios has released the latest Elder Scrolls: Online update, Update 22, together with details of what players can expect to get from it. Specifically, this new update focuses on the game’s guild tools, making it much easier to manage guilds in-game. These tools should help players set up guilds, recruit members, and more.

What’s Included in The Elder Scrolls: Online Update 22

While previous updates have looked at the Alliance War or other aspects of the game, Elder Scrolls: Online Update 22 looks almost exclusively at guilds. Players can currently join up to 5 guilds, each of which is restricted to 500 players. In the time since the game’s release, a huge number of guilds have emerged, serving as social hubs for players to meet, join up, and take on group quests and dungeons together. “A Guild is a great way to enrich your experience in ESO,” says UI Design Lead Bobby Weir; “a lot of our favourite memories in gaming are grounded within the Guilds that we’ve played with over the years, so we wanted to make finding and connecting with Guilds easier.”

Update 22 adds a new Guild Finder tool to the Guilds menu. This tool will allow players to browse guilds within the game, filtering by the following seven categories; Crafting, Group PvE, PvP, Questing, Roleplaying, Social, and Trading. Players can further filter by specific in-game activities and play-styles, as well as game difficulty. “We built the tool based on how Guilds have traditionally advertised themselves,” continues Weir; “and how players looking for Guilds have done so. Our hope is that we’re not just connecting players and Guilds, but we’re connecting compatible players and Guilds; those that share the same in-game interests, speak the same languages, have the same mindset, and play around the same times.”

The new tools will also make it easier for Guildmasters to recruit new members. You will now be able to edit your Guild Listing and review Applications in the Guilds UI menu. This listing can have a variety of specific descriptors and focuses, making it easier for players to identify what sort of category your Guild falls into.

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