Latest Fortnite Update Brings Huge XP Changes, More to Come

The latest Fortnite update came out on Tuesday, October 12. Epic Games has added a lot of new things to the game, including new stuff related to the Halloween event, the Fortnitemares. Furthermore, the game developer has rolled out several new things that impact gameplay and leveling.

With the new patch, Fortnite players are able to gain five times more XP than before from certain activities. In addition to that, the game creator has announced more changes that will be added in the next update. Leveling up the Battle Pass is going to be much easier and faster now when the v18.20 update is out.

The Fortnite update has made leveling much faster

Many Fortnite players were disappointed when Epic nerfed XP gained from the Impostors mode. This used to be a quick way of gaining XP and leveling up in the season, but it was too quick for Epic’s taste. After the nerf, many players struggled with leveling up as finishing quests in the battle royale mode wasn’t very effective.

The latest Fortnite update has made massive improvements to the XP system.
The latest Fortnite update has made massive improvements to the XP system.

Fortunately, Epic Games has recently buffed XP gains from repeatable Shared Quests. XP gained was multiplied by five as players can now gain up to 3,750 XP for completing a quest! These are the changes from Shared Quests that were released to the game:

  • Common (gray): 500 -> 2,500 XP
  • Uncommon (green): 525 -> 2,650 XP
  • Rare (blue): 550 -> 2,750 XP
  • Epic (purple): 575 -> 2,900 XP
  • Legendary (gold): 750 -> 3,750 XP

The difference in XP gains is huge and will drastically benefit players who complete quests. Furthermore, Epic Games is going to add a variety of additional quests to Daily and Weekly Punchcard. These quests will be released in the next Fortnite update.

Global war effort, funding and questline

J.B. Chimpanski‚Äôs questline has been re-enabled in the v18.20 Fortnite update as well! Epic Games had to disable this questline for a brief period of time due to the issues it caused, but it’s back now and players can progress through it.

The new round of funding lets players pick between the Combat Assault Rifle and the Combat SMG!

Besides the questline, players can now do another round of funding. This time, they can choose between the Combat Assault Rifle and the Combat SMG. Once again, the weapon that receives more votes (more gold bars) from players will be added to the game.