Leaked Details Point to a Mind-Bending Premise for Resident Evil 8

The Resident Evil 2 remake may still be the new game in town, but it won’t stay that way forever. Some Resident Evil fans are already looking towards the future, specifically whatever Capcom has in store for Resident Evil 8. Now, to be clear, Capcom hasn’t even confirmed that there is a Resident Evil 8 in development. However, one source claims that an eighth numbered entry is coming, and that it will utilize some interesting concepts.

Resident Evil 8 Rumors

Over on Twitter, the @EvilVR fan account posted an interesting scoop on Resident Evil 8’s supposed setting. According to @EvilVR, Resident Evil 8 takes place on a remote island which houses a secret laboratory. This laboratory is the birthplace of Resident Evil 7 antagonist Eveline alongside other bio-weapons.

Another interesting tidbit that @EvilVR shared is that Resident Evil 8 will utilize a hallucinations mechanic. Something on the island will distort the player’s sense of reality, making them question what’s real and what’s not. This mechanic could be especially unnerving if Resident Evil 8 ends up utilizing a first-person viewpoint.

Resident Evil 8 leaked details

Finally, @EvilVR noted that Capcom is borrowing concepts from the Resident Evil 3.5 tech demo. For those who don’t know, Resident Evil 3.5 was a non-playable concept demo which Capcom showed to the press. Specific elements from the demo were later incorporated into what would become the masterpiece that was Resident Evil 4.

Naturally fans shouldn’t take any of the above as fact until they hear from Capcom. In fact, @EvilVR even noted in a follow-up tweet that their own source isn’t 100 percent reliable. However, if the information ends up being accurate, it sounds like Resident Evil 8 could be very scary indeed.

In the meantime, Resident Evil 7’s version of Chris Redfield is also hiding out in the Resident Evil 2 remake. And speaking of remakes, Capcom has said it’d be open to remaking Resident Evil 3 as well.