Leaked PUBG Footage Shows Off New and Improved UI

We already knew that PUBG is introducing a new map selection option, but we didn’t know the game would also be getting a series of changes to its user interface. A bit of leaked footage has surfaced that seems to show off alterations to several parts of the game’s main look.

For instance, it looks like the Store category has replaced the Rewards area, where you’ll see Keys, Crates, and My Items up for grabs. The UI has been analyzed by the folks at Skin Tracker, who took an in-depth look at the changes and everything coming with the update that’ll also bring the map selection screen. It looks like the Store was the main focus of the changes which will now let you see every crate available and every key you can purchase, in addition to letting you buy keys directly rom that same screen.

Weirdly, there’s a new currency called Bro Cash that can only apparently be used to purchase keys, but this may only be a placeholder for future currency or other items coming down the pipeline — that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a real thing just yet.

You can check out the video above for an eyeful of some of the other alterations PUBG Corp. plans to make to the game. There’s no release date for when we can expect to see any of this stuff just yet, however. That’s typically how it goes. We’ll keep an eye out for when it could possibly roll out.