All the Legend Balance Changes in Apex Legends Season 5

Apex Legends Season 5 is here, and while it brings with it a whole range of new content, it also features plenty of changes to existing things. While players get to try Loba for the first time, you might also find that some of the more familiar Legends feel a bit different. After all, Respawn launched a balancing update today that contains more than a few tweaks in its patch notes… especially for Mirage.

Apex Legends Season 5: Mirage Rework

Out of all of the existing Legends, Mirage has gotten the biggest set of changes going into Season 5; all of his abilities have either been tweaked or reworked. First of all, his Passive ability ‘Now You See Me…’ which now allows Mirage to cloak while using a respawn beacon and when reviving teammates. Not only that, but the teammate being revived is also cloaked!

Apex Legends Season 5 Legend Balance Changes

His Tactical ability ‘Psyche Out’ will allow Mirage to gain control of his decoy when you press the character utility action button. While in control, the decoy will mimic your every more. Plus, the decoy now lasts 60 seconds, although you can only have one decoy active at a time. Finally, Mirage’s Ultimate is now Life of the Party, which allows him to spawn a whole team of decoys which all mimic his every move. This ability, as many fans guessed, was first trialled during the DUMMIEs Big Day special mode, earlier this year.

Apex Legends Season 5: Patch Notes

While Mirage has received a major rework in Season 5, many of the other existing Legends have had a tweak or two, as follows:

  • Bloodhound: Bloodhound’s Tactical ability, ‘Eye of the Allfather,’ has gotten a reduced cooldown of 25 seconds (down from 35), as well as a slightly increased Sonar Detection time of 4 seconds (up from 3).
  • Caustic: In a somewhat significant change, Caustic’s gas will no longer slow his own squadmates. In addition, his traps will no longer trigger from the other side of a door. According to Respawn, these changes are experimental, and could be changed if it causes; “degenerate player behaviour.”
  • Crypto: Crypto’s ‘Drone; Tactical ability can now ping banners so that Crypto can warn his squadmates of nearby enemies while piloting the Drone.
  • Gibraltar: Gibraltar’s Dome Shield duration has gone down from 18 seconds to 12. Respawn apparently hope that this lowers his power a bit in team fights.
  • Lifeline: Lifeline’s bin ratio has gone up to 20%. However, Knockdown Shields have been removed from her Secret Compartment loot pool.
  • Octane: Octane’s Launch Pad cooldown has gone down from 90 seconds to just 60. This is all he gets for now. However, Respawn notes that they have more updates in the works for Octane; they simply aren’t ready just yet.
  • Pathfinder: In one of the only Season 5 nerfs, Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook cooldown has gone up from 15 to 35 seconds.