LevelUpMentalHealth Program Announced for Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is here, and the #LevelUpMentalHealth program is here to spread awareness about the stigma of mental health in the gaming industry. Since the month is almost over, it’s time that gamers learn about the program and its parent organization so they can reach out and learn more about their mental health. Once people know that it affects everyone, mental health conditions can be destigmatized.

Why Mental Health Awareness Matters for the Gaming World

Have you ever ragequit from a game? If the answer is yes, then you’ve experienced getting too emotional due to video games. Video games can be great for society, as they can benefit both physical skills like coordination and challenge people’s brains. The issue is that playing so many games for so long might affect you outside of the game. Learning to regulate your emotions so you can game without them negatively affecting you is essential.

One of the first ways to understand what’s going on inside your head is to write things down. You should document how you feel and what you’re doing when you’re feeling bad so you have a better idea of your triggers and the symptoms that plague you. From there, you can start looking into treatment. It’s easier said than done, but some treatment is better than none, especially when you know what you’re working with.

Still, the matter of mental health is one that not many people take seriously. LevelUpMentalHealth is not the only program to be rolled out for mental health awareness. In fact, Riot Games partnered with Crisis Text Hotline in 2020 to assist with mental health concerns in the gaming industry among players and developers. If you or a loved one need more details, visit the official website or text ‘RIOT’ to 741741 to connect directly with a Crisis Counselor.

What Does LevelUpMentalHealth Do?

Safe in Our World, the parent company of the LevelUpMentalHealth program, started the program for Mental Health Awareness Month. The program focuses on those who work in the gaming industry and urges employers to take their employees’ mental health seriously, decimating the stigma of mental health conditions. 

Gamers can benefit from this program as well. Even without working in the video game industry, you should know how important games are to people and how they can evoke emotions. Games are an escape, so it makes sense that people who may be struggling with their mental health want to retreat to fictional worlds. 

To reap the benefits that the LevelUpMentalHealth program is cultivating, you can become a member of Safe in Our World and have access to several resources. Without being a member, you can still access the free resources on the Safe in Our World website, which can help you put words to what you’re feeling. Reading those articles is a great way to understand more about what you may be feeling and the type of help you should pursue.

Learn to Game Responsibly

Mental health is a serious matter, and even those who work in the business of creating fictional realms can’t escape feeling the effects of burnout and mental illnesses. Even if you aren’t working in the video game industry, you can still advocate for mental health awareness. Defeating the stigma behind mental health requires everyone’s help, and you can start by supporting Safe in Our World and its endeavors to destigmatize mental health discussions.