Lifeline’s Big Rework & More in Apex Legends Legacy

When Apex Legends Legacy – the game’s ninth season – launches on the 4th of May, it will include a major balance patch for Apex’s existing Legends. You can read the full details of that patch by clicking here, but details of the largest part are below; a significant rework for Lifeline which Respawn has been promising for some time. (Along with a big change for how Low Profile works.)

Apex Legends Legacy – Lifeline & Low Profile

Of all the characters who will be receiving changes or tweaks in the Legacy Legend Update, Lifeline will be getting the biggest rework. According to Respawn; “Lifeline’s kit was not in a particularly healthy place. The Passive Shield was extremely strong to the point of frustration, while her Tactical and Ultimate seemed like they were becoming more and more obsolete. These changes are aimed to redistribute this big power differential between all of her abilities […]”.

Apex Legends Lifeline Legacy Rework

As such, Lifeline’s Combat Revive will no longer deploy a shield. However, the ability will now allow her to revive up to two players at once. Furthermore, her D.O.C Heal Drone’s rate of healing will be going up from 5 HP per second to 8. In fact, the drone should also now deploy around 33% faster, making it a more useful option in tense engagements. Finally, her Care Package cooldown will go down from 6 to 5 minutes. It will now be guaranteed to include either an upgrade item for three categories; Body Shields, Weapon Attachments, and Other (Backpacks, Helmets & Knockdown Shields).

Another big change which will be affecting several characters in Apex Legends is the total removal of Low Profile. This ability, which has long applied to Wraith, Lifeline, and Wattson, will be removed following the May 4th update. According to Respawn, this is because the developers can now solve balance issues by changes to hitboxes, rendering Low Profile obsolete. In a recent patch, Respawn experimented with tweaks to Wraith’s hitbox in an effort to address this very issue. That experiment was reportedly successful.