Los Angeles Chargers Host Madden 20 Ratings Event For Fans, 2004 Michael Vick Celebrated

The popular EA Sports tagline “It’s in the game” is a good way to sum up how the game recognizes the real game. EA has built their popular titles including Madden NFL on incorporating the most realistic of details into each sports game. Just recently, the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers decided to let their real-life fans participate in a fun event to determine Madden 20 ratings.

Los Angeles Chargers allow fans to get Madden 20 ratings

This past weekend, we saw that the Los Angeles Chargers’ Keenan Allen finally lifted is boycott against the Madden 20 game. Allen was protesting the newest title due to his displeasure over his Madden 20 ratings. However, once a ratings adjustor paid a visit to a training camp practice session, he let Allen know that they’d upped the numbers. Allen said that was enough for him to say he’s no longer boycotting the game.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Chargers organization invited fans out to a mock NFL Combine event. Through the various drills on the field, fans were able to get an official Madden 20 rating. The team released a two-minute video on Monday to show what happened during the event.

As seen in the event, fans got to run the 40-year-dash, do vertical leaping, and long jumps to help determine what their final number would be. Head Madden ratings adjustor Dustin Smith was on hand from EA to assist in giving out the numbers, some of which drew groans or shocked reactions from the fans getting them. The ratings crew is tough even on everyday people trying to do their best work on the field.

Madden celebrates Michael Vick as cover star supreme

In the Madden 20 ratings, the best players are mostly those in the 97 to 99 range, with only four in that 99 Club. However, when it comes to absolute legends in the sports video game world, the Madden 2004 Michael Vick is considered amongst the all-time best. In fact, he’s considered more of a sports game star than the legendary Bo Jackson from the classic Tecmo Bowl back in the day.

On Monday, a number of sources honored Michael Vick’s great overall skill and ratings in the 2004 edition of the video game. That’s because he appeared on the game 16 years ago to this day.

Vick wasn’t just the best player in that game, but also appeared as the Madden 2004 cover athlete. The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback brought an overall rating of 95 which included 98 Throwing Power, 97 Accuracy, 95 Speed, and a 92 Elusiveness. Basically, he wasn’t even part of the Madden 99 Club yet played like a major cheat code on the virtual field.

The versatile QB last played for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, per NFL.com. Even though Michael Vick is no longer playing in the NFL now, he’s still a popular choice in the Madden Ultimate Team world. Should a special MUT 20 Legends card arrives for Vick this season, expect fans to do what they can to quickly add the scrambling QB to their lineup.

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