Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs Released, Series 5, New Currency, & More Offseason MUT Arrivals Announced

The NFL offseason is here, but that’s just for the real world league. In the world of Madden 19, the games and challenges never stop. Gamers are still constructing their Madden Ultimate Team rosters with the best players they can find in packs or elsewhere. Thanks to a new offseason content drop, there are now Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs, Series 5 content, and more additions to the MUT football world. That gives MUT gamers plenty to cheer about as they use their favorite game during the drought of NFL action.

Madden 19 Ultimate Team MVPs celebrate team stars

First and foremost, there are 20 brand new Madden Ultimate Team MVP players cards in the latest batch of MUT content. These are players who weren’t part of playoff teams. So that even includes teams that finished within the top of the NFL Draft order. Among the star players available are the Falcons’ Julio Jones, Broncos’ Von Miller, Titans’ Derrick Henry, and the Lions’ rising star player Kenny Golladay. There are also those unsung heroes including Oakland’s Tahir Whitehead, the Jaguars’ Andrew Norwell, and the Browns’ Joel Bitonio. Each of the players brings a 97 overall rating as part of the OVR.

Check out the EA Madden video below to see all of the Ultimate Team MVPs now available for your roster.

So based on the above video, there are 10 offensive and 10 defensive MVPs, so far. They noted there are a total of 16 for each side of the game, but as mentioned playoff players weren’t included in this batch today. Julio Jones appears to be the best of the bunch of the offensive players while Von Miller represents the best for the defense. The other players are looking great in their own ways, though.

For an example of an upgraded Ultimate Team MVP card, check out our screenshot of Joey Golladay below. All of the Team MVPs have nice ratings boosts so they’re worthy of adding to your roster and could help a lot depending on which squad you are rolling with. As shown below, Golladay has a 96 Spectacular Catch, 95 Deep Route, 95 Catching, and 95 Speed amongst his 90s skill ratings. Not bad at all!

madden ultimate team mvp joey golladay

Madden 19 Ultimate Team: Additional offseason content

In addition to the 20 Team MVPs like the Golladay above, there are now Series 5 Trophy collectibles in the game. These can be quick sell items for scouts, making them quite valuable. “Scouts” refers to the brand new in-game currency which arrives after the previous currencies MUT “Snow” and “Super Bowl rings.”  Gamers should keep an eye out for new objectives in Ultimate Team as part of the slew of offseason content dropped.

The Daily Drops crew noted that there is a bunch of content available now and even more “staggered” content on the way. That will drop throughout Friday and the weekend. There are also 240 Team Builders coming to Madden Ultimate Team. If that isn’t enough there’s three new Ultimate Legends on Saturday, and new power-ups coming on Sunday. It’s certainly an exciting time to be involved in MUT even during the offseason!

Check out the Madden Twitch video here to get even more details about what’s going on today through this weekend for Ultimate Team.

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