Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Career Mode: New Gameplay Footage Videos Arrive on YouTube

In the new Madden 20 game, players will get to guide a customizable star through college and into the NFL. It involves real college teams, the NFL Draft, and making major decisions that influence your star player and his team. That will all be part of the Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Career mode and some great first-look gameplay videos are now popping up on YouTube.

Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Career mode footage

There are a number of YouTubers who were able to get exclusive access to the Madden 20 game after an invite to EA headquarters. One of those is GoodGameBro, a YouTuber who uploaded five different videos so far. Each of his new videos shows off different aspects of Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Career mode. See our previous QB1 Career mode details post for more about how it works.

Here’s the first of his videos in which he creates his college quarterback as a member of the University of Florida. That’s one of the 10 available college teams in the Madden 20 mode. The others are: Miami, Oklahoma, LSU, Oregon, Clemson, Florida State, Texas, Texas Tech, and USC.

In the second Madden 20 Face of the Franchise video, we see footage of the NFL Draft Combine as well as the actual NFL Draft day for his customized player. We also get to see some portions of the NFL pre-season.

Video No. 3 brings GoodGameBro’s young quarterback into his first regular season action. There’s also some good old fashioned trash talking included as he makes his way in the professional league.

The most recent of GoodGameBro’s videos brings a look at a major surprise that occurs during his player’s early career. In addition, the final game of the regular season is part of the career mode footage.

Career Mode brings more possibilities to the game

GoodGameBro’s four different YouTube videos give gamers a nice glimpse of what the Madden 20 Face of the Franchise Career mode can involve. Keep in mind, that the mode features a number of different choices that impact your players’ career path. So while these videos preview some things that could happen, there’s a lot more potential ways things can go.

The new mode has plenty of fans excited for the possibilities. Not only does it give a fun way to show how players transition from college to the NFL, but the fact it includes actual college teams is exciting. Some fans feel this could be the first step towards EA Sports reviving the previous NCAA football title. That will involve working out a lot of licensing situations, but having 10 teams on board is a great start.

The new game officially arrives on August 2nd, with Madden 20 pre-order copies arriving three days earlier. There’s also early EA Access or Origin Premier Access on July 25 for subscribers of those services.

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