New Madden 20 Flashbacks Players CJ Mosley, Randall Cobb Join MUT Program

As Ultimate Team gamers await the reveal of Madden 20 Team of the Year, a pair of brand new Flashbacks players arrived for the game. On Monday during a Twitch stream, they revealed CJ Mosley and Randall Cobb as the newest Madden 20 Flashbacks. Both players come rated in the 90s bringing gamers some more options to insert into their MUT rosters.

New Madden 20 Flashbacks cards for CJ Mosley and Randall Cobb

It’s a blast from the past for two players as they receive Madden 20 Flashbacks cards for performances on previous teams. For middle linebacker CJ Mosley, it’s a card based on his Week 8 game in the 2017 NFL season with the Baltimore Ravens.

That particular game was a blowout and a shutout as the Ravens defeated the Jets 40-0. Mosley had a 63-yard interception for a touchdown to help his team. Mosley also recorded three solo tackles and had a half of a sack in the game.

He now gets a new 93 overall Madden 20 Flashbacks item. It features 95 Play Recognition, 95 Tackle, 91 Hit Power, 89 Acceleration, and 85 Speed.

Joining Mosley is current Dallas Cowboys star Randall Cobb. However, his Madden 20 Flashbacks item is based on his time catching passes from Aaron Rodgers on the Green Bay Packers. Cobb’s 2015 Week 3 performance saw him get seven receptions for 91 yards and three touchdowns in a 38-28 win over the Chiefs.

That brings him a 92 OVR item for Flashbacks. Cobb’s card features 91 Speed, 91 Catching, 90 Short Route Run, and 88 Spectacular Catch as key attributes.

Where to get the new Mosley and Cobb items

The new Madden 20 Flashbacks cards are available through Ultimate Team Store. Each Flashbacks pack costs 6,490 Madden Training and includes one 89-plus OVR Flashbacks player inside. Otherwise, the Auctions Browser has both players available in current listings.

As of this report, Mosley’s card is going for 173,000 to over 200,000 Madden Coins on PS4. The listings for Cobb’s item range from 115,000 to 190,000 Madden Coins due to the fact there are many better options available at the receiver spot.

madden 20 auction browser listings for cj mosley flashbacks card

In case you missed it, several new Football Outsiders players were also made available in Ultimate Team including Breshad Perriman and Kenyan Drake.

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