Madden 20 Players 99 Club: Special Mural Behind the Scenes Video, Images

Throughout last week, EA Sports and The Checkdown revealed the Madden 20 players in the 99 Club. This year’s it’s a smaller, exclusive club featuring just four NFL players rated at 99 overall for the game. They each got a spot on a special mural out in Los Angeles, California, with an artist filling in a player daily. Just recently, exclusive images and video arrived showing off what went into that Madden 20 players mural.

Madden 20 Players 99 Club Mural details

When the new Madden 20 game arrives to the masses in just over two weeks, it will have four players rated at 99 overall. They’ll include just one star on offense, Houston’s DeAndre Hopkins, along with three defensive stars. They are LA’s Aaron Donald, Seattle’s Bobby Wagner, and Chicago’s Khalil Mack. Each of those players carries some of the best attributes for a player in the game, and all four will by Superstar X-Factor players. That gives them special abilities they can unleash during games.

The official social media brand for the National Football League, The Checkdown, provided the daily reveals of the players on the mural. They commissioned artist Jaime Guerrero to create the special mural in Los Angeles with each player’s image painted overnight. It was officially completed on Friday, July 12, and will remain on display for one week.

In a sped-up time-lapsed video, The Checkdown shows off what went into making the mural happen for this year’s unique Madden 20 players reveal.

One of the Madden 20 players in the 99 Club also decided to stop by to lend a hand. It was none other than Seattle Seahawks Bobby Wagner who helped finish the mural and posed for a picture next to his image. Check out The Checkdown’s photos below as one of the 99 Club players poses in real life with his video game image.

DeAndre Hopkins reactions to 99 Club

Another of the Madden 20 players has reacted to his recent 99 Club selection too. The Houston Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins has become a bit of a hot topic in the past few days. He’s the only NFL player from offense to appear on the mural and as a 99 in the upcoming game. The wide receiver will have a lot to live up to in the coming season, as other receives may be looking to show they were more deserving.

Hopkins tweeted out his reaction of disbelief that he was selected as one of the four players and referred to himself as a “cheat code” in the game.

There are plenty of Madden and NFL fans debating whether or not Hopkins deserved that spot. Last year’s club featured quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. It also had cover star Antonio Brown, then with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now-retired tight end Rob Gronkowski.

That said, Madden 20 players will be able to impact their ratings in the coming NFL season. Ratings adjusters are always watching to see if anyone deserves a ratings upgrade or downgrade. The new Madden 20 game arrives on August 2, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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