Madden 20 Server Issues: EA Gives Statement on Ultimate Team Problems, Increases Weekly Rewards

Within the past several days, the EA Madden 20 servers were hit with downtime, leaving gamers frustrated. However, the development team took note of all the problems it caused for the Ultimate Team gamers. Therefore, they’ve issued a recent statement about the Madden 20 server issues and they’re also giving some pretty nice rewards next week to make up for the troubles.

EA to provide improved rewards after Madden 20 server issues

These past several weeks have seen a lot of activity with the Madden 20 server. They launched a brand new Superstar KO mode which is now part of the game. In addition, there was a recent Madden title update to fix some game issues and add a new Superstar X-Factor player with T.Y. Hilton on the Colts. There was also server maintenance going on which had plenty of people aggravated as it hindered their use of Ultimate Team.

EA’s Madden Ultimate Team member EA_Kraelo posted a note for the community on Friday, September 13. In the note, they mention that Madden 20 server issues occurred which impacted Ultimate Team progress for many gamers. Since it affected so many gamers, they decided to make things right by providing some additional rewards for next week’s Solo and Weekend League. Basically, the rewards for these will both be doubled for all gamers next week.

In addition, the EA team is providing a special reward for those who complete the Weekly Mission in Ultimate Team. Normally, a Gridiron Pack is the reward for completing these missions. However, because of the Madden 20 server issues that happened, they’re making the reward a Legend Fantasy Pack.

So that still means gamers will need to play the game’s Ultimate Team feature to get these extra rewards. However, it makes sense to take advantage of these as best as possible to really help improve your Madden 20 Ultimate Team lineup.

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