New Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Cards Arrive for Brian Dawkins, Dan Dierdorf, and Ed Too Tall Jones

Three brand new Madden 20 Ultimate Legends cards dropped for the weekend. With the latest group, there are 97 overall cards for gridiron greats Dan Dierdorf and Brian Dawkins, as well as a limited-availability Ed Too Tall Jones. Here are more details for the new Ultimate Legends items now available in Ultimate Team.

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends cards for Dierdorf, Dawkins, Jones

While none of the new Madden 20 Ultimate Legends are offensive threats, they’ll provide plenty of help on MUT rosters. Each player gets a Career Edition card with high or upgraded ratings. Their overalls are 97 and they feature Power Up as well as extra chemistry and ability options.

Dierdorf’s card features 97 Pass Block, 96 Pass Block Power, 95 Run Block, 95 Pass Block Finesse, and 93 Strength amongst key attributes. Dawkins has a 96 Hit Power, 95 Pursuit, 95 Play Recognition, 94 Zone Coverage, 93 Speed, and 90 Tackle. Jones, who is the limited-availability packs player this week brings 98 Block shedding, 95 Tackle, 95 Power Moves, 95 Strength, and 93 Play Recognition.

Here’s a look at all three cards revealed earlier on the @mut_news1 Twitter.

Check out the previous Ultimate Legends players, Chuck Bednarik and Kurt Warner. Prior to those gridiron stars, we saw cards arrive for Calvin Johnson, Warren Sapp, Julius Peppers, Marcus Allen, and more. There will be more to come as the program continues in February.

Where to get the UL items

Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Dawkins and Dierdorf each have five other non-Career Edition cards. Gamers will need to assemble a set of the five cards to trade in for the Career Edition. So in order to get Dierdorf or Dawkins, gamers need a set consisting of the 87, 88, 89, 93, and 95 OVR Ultimate Legends cards.

Ed Too Tall Jones’ card is available in packs for a limited time. According to MUTHEAD, he’s available until Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. Eastern Time. As with the players above, Too Tall Jones’ new item will be selling on the Auction Browser in Ultimate Team, for a high price, though.

In addition, there are new Ultimate Legends Challenges available where gamers can earn the Power Up items for each of these players along with Madden Coins. There should also be another challenge to earn an Ultimate Legends Token which is part of the 16-Token set needed to exchange for a NAT UL Career Edition player.

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