Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors Revealed for Halfbacks With New Ability for Christian McCaffrey

EA is continuing to reveal the Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors including familiar abilities, ones with new names, and completely new ones. On Monday we got a look at what some of the quarterbacks’ abilities will be including Lamar Jackson’s Truzz. Now EA has unveiled their halfbacks’ abilities including Christian McCaffrey. The Carolina Panthers’ back gets a brand new one sure to make fans of basketball crossover specialists smile.

Christian McCaffrey gets Ankle Breaker

In the various trailers and gameplay reveals, EA has made it clear they’ve brought more innovation in terms of running with the ball. They are continuing that theme by giving Pro Bowler Christian McCaffrey a new Madden 21 Superstar X-Factor called Ankle Breaker.

Per EA Madden’s description once a player gets in the zone, they have “increased takeout rates on skill moves following the catch.” To activate it, gamers need three receptions of 10 yards or more. To deactivate it, all the opposition needs to do is cause a drop, incompletion, or make sure that the player isn’t targeted three consecutive times.

With Christian McCaffrey recently announced as a member of the Madden 99 Club for the new game, it seems fitting he gets his own X-Factor. The cover star Lamar Jackson had Protective Custody renamed Truzz in his honor.

McCaffrey’s move is activated by catching passes, which is something the versatile back has been doing quite well. His 2019 season stats included 1,005 yards and four touchdowns on 116-of-142 receptions. This is going to be an interesting ability to put to use but seems quite appropriate for the league’s rising star.

What are the other Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors?

In addition to Christian McCaffrey, there were five other halfbacks revealed. Both Derrick Henry (Titans) and Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys) have the updated Freight Train ability. With this one, the HB has an increased chance to break the next tackle attempt. It takes three rushes of 10 yards or more to activate, and a tackle for loss to deactivate.

Saquon Barkley (Giants) and Dalvin Cook (Vikings) have the First One Free . This Superstar X-Factor allows the HB to have a high fake-out rate on their next juke, spin, or hesi move. Activation requires three rushes of 10 yards or more, while a tackle for a loss will deactivate this.

Last but not least is Nick Chubb of the Cleveland Browns. He’s become of the best backs in the league in three seasons, achieving his first Pro Bowl spot this past campaign. The Browns star will have another familiar Superstar X-Factor with Wrecking Ball in Madden 21.

This allows him to have a high success rate on his next three trucks or stiff-arm moves when running the ball. Activation and deactivation are similar to the other two mentioned above.

Gamers will soon be able to start testing out all the Superstar X-Factors to see how good they work. Madden 21 has an August 28 release date but arrives three days earlier for those who pre-order the Deluxe or MVP Edition.

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