Madden 22 Campus Legends Rosters: Ohio State, Alabama Teams Join Superstar KO

Legends from college football are a big part of EA’s Madden video game, and there are often themes revolving around collegiate stars. Things shifted to another level in recent years, as Madden added the option to join and play for select college teams in Face of the Franchise. However, with Madden 22 Campus Legends rosters, gamers can play with college teams consisting of NFL stars. The most recent teams added to the mix are the Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide.

What are the Madden 22 Campus Legends rosters?

These are exclusive All-Star rosters available in Superstar KO mode for EA’s Madden 22 video game. There were already 10 college teams available for use. Those eight teams are Clemson, LSU, Texas, Miami (FL), Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, and the USC Trojans.

As of Friday, two more Madden 22 Campus Legends rosters joined the mode. They are the Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide.

With Superstar KO mode, gamers draft one of eight offensive playbooks and one of five defensive playbooks to use. Certain players within Campus Legends also have Superstar X-Factor abilities to use in Superstar KO mode.

The games feature four-minute quarters to make them faster. Additional rules include the play clock stopping after a first down until a new play is selected. Additionally, one foot in bounds on a catch makes it official.

The introduction of these teams in Madden is likely paving the way for the arrival of the much anticipated EA Sports College Football 24 game that is in the works. While the rosters are available for use in the Superstar KO mode, there’s speculation that maybe they’ll join Face of the Franchise mode too.

Henry, Jones leads Alabama Crimson Tide roster

The Alabama Crimson Tide may have failed to capture the National Championship earlier this week, but nobody will say this isn’t an elite program in college football. Their team in the Madden 22 Campus Legends rosters makes a strong case that they’ve provided some major talent to the NFL over the years.

Heading up their roster is now-Tennessee Titans star halfback, Derrick Henry. He’s joined by wide receivers Julio Jones and Devonta Smith along with tight end Ozzie Newsome. Throwing them the ball is none other than Broadway Joe Namath.

On defense, the Tide features Derrick Thomas as right outside linebackers with CJ Mosley in the middle. Jonathan Allen is the defensive tackle. The secondary features cornerback Marlon Humphrey and free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Fields, Elliott lead Ohio State Buckeyes roster

Alabama isn’t the only elite college squad sending talent to the NFL, as there are Big Ten schools also bringing it in the NCAA. The Ohio State Buckeyes are one of those schools that seem to have produced some great professional football players.

With Madden 22 Campus Legends rosters, OSU features quarterback Justin Fields, fresh off his rookie season with the Chicago Bears. He’s joined on offense by the likes of running back Ezekiel Elliott, wide receivers Terry McLaurin and Michael Thomas, and full-back Carlos Hyde.

The defensive side of things has some Buckeyes juggernauts as well. They include left end Nick Bosa, right end Chase Young, and cornerbacks Denzel Ward and Marshon Lattimore.

Those are just some of the players available on Madden 22’s Ohio State roster for Superstar KO, as there are plenty more on offense and defense. Hop into Superstar KO mode and check it out, to experience the fast-paced mode using college football All-Star squads!

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