Madden 22 Franchise Scouting Update Arrives in October Title Update

EA has released its highly anticipated Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update for gamers to begin using. It arrives as part of a massive October title update for all consoles. That update brings other changes to the game including a ranked mode for The Yard, authenticity updates, and much more. However, the Scouting aspect of Madden’s Franchise mode is something they’d promised to deliver as a major update to continue improving the game.

EA releases large October 12 Title update

EA Madden gamers will want to set aside some spare time for the October 12th title update for Madden 22. It’s a hefty one for consoles, as it checks in at over 46 gigabytes for the Sony PlayStation 4. Depending on the internet connection that could take a while. The update is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Stadia, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

It brings a lot of fixes, upgrades, and additions to the football sim game. Notably, The Yard gets a new ranked mode and there’s also the Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update. It was originally scheduled for September but took a little longer than originally anticipated.

Other key aspects of the title update include new gameplay abilities, tuning, and updated pass coverage.

There are also additional NFL Authenticity updates. Some of these include the addition of 1960s gear for the Browns and Colts, the addition of throwback uniforms, and new player likenesses. Those likenesses include rookies Trey Lance (49ers), Ja’Marr Chase (Steelers), and Jaycee Horn (Panthers) among other players.

Check out everything added in the update here at EA’s Gridiron Notes.

Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update is here

Scouting is part of Franchise mode where gamers are trying to build a successful team through roster improvements. These come via trades, free-agent signings, and of course, the NFL Draft. The new Madden 22 Franchise Scouting update is one that needs to be applied to a brand new Franchise. So unfortunately gamers who have a Franchise in progress will need to start fresh in the mode to enjoy Scouting.

However, it brings some great changes, as gamers will have a full scouting staff available to assign to different regions of the country and pinpoint the best talents ahead of the NFL Draft.

These are the key additions with Scouting, per EA’s Deep Dive notes:

  • A full scouting department
  • In-depth scouting reports including player physicals, traits, and ratings
  • News content that will move players up or down the media big board, impacting draft stock 
  • Mock drafts providing a snapshot of who teams are interested in throughout the season

Along with the Deep Dive, they released a four-minute video (below) to bring an up-close look at Scouting for Franchise Mode.

Their Deep Notes notes also walk gamers through exactly how it works, including an example of the Detroit Lions as they look to address team needs with two upcoming draft picks.

To get the new Madden 22 Scouting Update along with all of the other key additions to EA’s game, launch Madden with your internet connection. The new October 12 update should begin to automatically install. If not, make sure to check menu options on your specific console to apply the title update.

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