Madden 22 Ultimate Team Auctions to Include New Price Ranges Feature

With Madden 22 Ultimate Team, gamers are able to put together rosters of NFL stars from their favorite teams, or simply build a squad of the best player cards in the game. Players are typically acquired in many ways, including packs or other promotions, such as Challenges and Rewards.

However, there’s also the Madden Auction House, where gamers buy and sell player items in Ultimate Team. Based on recent details revealed, the Auctions will get a big change in Madden 22 with a Price Ranges feature.

EA reveals new Madden 22 Ultimate Team Auction ‘Price Ranges’ feature

On Friday, June 25, EA released several Gridiron Notes about the upcoming Madden 22 game. In one report, they discussed important Franchise Mode updates including an expanded Coaching Roster with Talent Trees. In another, they revealed some new features for Ultimate Team Auctions. Their report included a “Work in Progress” screenshot to give an idea of how Auction listing information will get some new aspects.

As seen below, the typical Auction listing settings are still there with Duration, Starting Price for bids, an option for “Buy Now” to be On or Off, and Buy It Now Price. However, there is also a new group of information presented on the right side to help buyers and sellers.

One section shows “Economic Information,” including the lowest Buy Now price available and the Median Price with the number of auctions currently in progress. Another section shows “Recent Sales” information, while the third includes “Price Ranges.”

madden 22 ultimate team auction listing screen
A look at Madden 22’s “Work in Progress” Auction details screen.

The above features will help gamers in Madden 22 Ultimate Team have more of an overview of how to price items they’re trying to sell or decide what they should pay for an item they want.

There was an extra step necessary to decide how to price a card in previous versions of the game. For example, with Madden 21, gamers had to look at Auction House listings to decide how to set an item’s sale price. Now they’ll see the trends information they need on the above screen. Price Ranges will also be on Madden Companion App.

Some gamers may feel this is an attempt to force them to buy packs, but EA revealed a few important reasons for these added features.

EA explains reasons for MUT Auctions changes

Based on EA’s Gridiron Notes, the Price Ranges will give more details than before about how to work with auction listings. They’ll also help to make high-level player items more accessible to all MUT gamers.

Prices Ranges are based on the median sale price for each item per platform. A “median” is basically the middle number in a list of numbers, not the average. Once that median is established, it determines the price range.

So they will update regularly based on the median price of an item rising or falling. Basically, sellers will be unable to price items above the Price Range currently listed for an auction.

EA indicated in their notes that this change should take effect rather quickly after gamers begin playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team. They also said the Price Ranges would update hourly upon the game’s launch. However, EA Madden developers could adjust this later based on gamers’ feedback.

In addition, EA noted that gamers can still “snipe” some player items from the Auction House in MUT 22. This is due to the fact there needs to be a certain number of sales of an item before the Price Ranges display.

That said, not only is this change being put in place to make items accessible but also to try to prevent illegal Madden Coins transferring, something that has taken place in the game. So it should be interesting to see if Price Ranges and the other Auction updates will effectively stop that practice.

As with most changes in EA’s Madden titles, this one will take some time to play out as it already appears some gamers love the change, and others loathe it.

Check out ActualCC’s video below discussing the MUT Auction House changes, including how it could help or hurt some people.

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